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The young master has already injured a six-star peak powerhouse, and another was hit by the young master\’s Roc Feather. His strength can only be up to 60%. They are trapped in the formation now, if they are rescued If this is the case, dealing with the next two six-star peak powerhouses, there may not be no chance… The maid said quickly.

Shanghai\’s consciousness recovered, and his eyes opened suddenly.At that moment, the demon god clan master had an inexplicable heart palpitation. For some reason, he did not want to look at Shanghai. This kind of shrinking made him suddenly feel inexplicably ashamed and angry. As the first world honored, he would be afraid of a younger generation. ? And is he still a young man who has just reached the king?What about the breakthrough? You still have to kneel down in front of the master of the clan. The demon god clan master shouted angrily, and the five fingers inserted into Shanghai\’s chest pressed down.But when he pressed down, a stronger force bounced back, confining his five fingers, and what made the demon god clan master even more shocked was that the flesh and blood in Shanghai\’s chest turned out to be as hard as iron. And locked his five fingers tightly in it.At this time!Shanghai raised his right hand, his five fingers together, turning his palm into a knife.cut!The Fengshen spirit of Huajing slashed down.It\’s the middle-ranking magical skill of the tenth rank. Even at the level of the transformation realm, it is only equivalent to the power of the lower-ranking great-achieving magical skill of the ninth rank.The demon god clan master\’s expression was full of disdain, not to mention that he was using four times the power at the moment, even if he only used three times, he could block it with his own shaking power.But as this slash fell, the space above the arm appeared strangely distorted, and a terrifying force that made the master of the demon god clan trembled. It was stronger and more terrifying than before, and it was extremely sharp. Cut, enough to cut everything off.Click!The wrist was cut flat.The heart of the demon god clan master was connected to it, and the pain of the arm being cut made him all over his body. The pain surged, he violently waved his left hand and grabbed to Shanghai.Come here!Roar!The ape stretches his arms!Corresponding to the sun and the moon, two sun and moon forces poured into it. The god ape, like the power of a tens of thousands of miles, slammed the demon\’s body, twisting its left claw, if it weren\’t for the master of the demon god clan quickly saw it Avoiding, I\’m afraid they have been smashed to pieces.Even so, the demon couldn\’t be shocked and hit the barrier, a big mouthful of blood spewed out on the spot, and his expression suddenly became a lot weaker.This change came so quickly that the descendants of the millions of god races reacted, and they have already seen this extreme reversal.


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