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Unexpectedly, I was deceived in the end… Shanghai\’s heart was full of anger, but at this moment it was not the time to get angry. He immediately condensed his mind and moved quickly, intending to withdraw from the vortex absorption range, but no matter how he moved, he was approaching the vortex. .

This proposal is good, just do it.Then this light god clan… The black robe man asked respectfully, bowing.Exit, shock the descendants of these sinners. These cheap bones will understand that when they can\’t be an enemy of us, they must do everything for us. The monster man said lightly.Yes!The black robe man lowered his head to out……The six black-robed men disappeared on the spot.The strange purple light in the eyes of the monster man disappeared, while the elder of the Guangshen clan fell to the ground with his eyes wide open. His soul has long been shattered, and his life has disappeared. What is left is a pair of connotations of the world. Wei\’s body is nothing….The competition of the Hundred Races Conference in God City is still going on. There is no suspense at all in the fourth game, because the opponent of the descendant of the main race is Ba Yu, this talent has just taken the stage, very simply raised his hand to admit defeat, and lose without a fight. , This is the first case since the opening of the Hundred Races Conference.but!The descendants of the Protoss on the scene didn\’t blame this person, because Ba Yu was so strong that he would lose if he fought, and he would lose if he didn\’t.The top four places have been confirmed!And then there will be the last three games, and these three games will determine who is the first.Everyone expected Ba Yu and Ming Yuyan to enter the top four. Although Lei Chen was in the top four, it was a little surprising, but after seeing the even more surprising Shanghai, it seemed a little insignificant.At this moment, Shanghai has a reputation among the ancient gods, almost no one knows it, no one knows it, more and more people are paying attention, and some people have begun to dig out the identity of Shanghai, as his father is a spiritual minister. The news came out again, and once again set off a wave of turmoil.Who is the Ling Jiangchen?The big dark horse of the one thousand and two hundred years ago rushed to the finals in one fell swoop, and finally lost to the first hand of the previous year by one move. There is only one move. If you continue to participate in the second session, it will be great. The generals will deserve the first place.Unfortunately, he did not participate.And one thousand and two hundred years later, Shanghai, which is also infamous, once again entered the top four as a dark horse.


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