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Originally, Ming Yuyan, who could barely keep up, realized that she was farther and farther away from Shanghai, and she could only vaguely see his back. This made her feel quite shocked. Generally speaking, she was a cultivator of the same realm. Although there is a difference in physique, the difference will not be too great.

In another quarter of an hour, it\’s time for the battlefield of the gods to open. Zhuo Yi appeared beside Shanghai and said slowly.It\’s time to take care of seniors these days. Shanghai bowed his hand in salute.No need to be polite, this time you enter the battlefield of the gods, you must pay attention to it. In addition to the danger contained in the battlefield, there are also many young powerhouses from a million worlds. Your own fate, this is a big fight, you must not remember, if you lose, you can avoid it as much as possible, and save yourself is the key. Yi Yi reminded.Thank you predecessor for reminding me, Shanghai remembers it. Shanghai nodded.His eyes were cast into the void. At this moment, his mood surged. It was blood boiling and fighting spirit roaring, because he would come into contact with elite powerhouses from millions of small worlds. I don’t know how many of these people, even There are also young powerhouses in God\’s Domain.What a grand occasion to compete with these strong men.certainly!The main purpose of Shanghai is not this, but to find all kinds of opportunities, so that you can quickly improve and become stronger.The battlefield of gods is unpredictable, especially the young powerhouses who enter it, and there may even be quasi gods who have already understood the three-layer reincarnation artistic conception… Ao Yi reminded.The quasi-god of the three-level reincarnation mood? Shanghai was slightly surprised.Well! At the semi-Holy Lord level, those who understand the three levels of reincarnation are all called quasi gods. As long as they don’t perish, they will definitely become gods. If they grow up, they can even reach the level of gods. These characters are the regional overlord who created a big clan in God\’s Domain.Yi Yi said: \”So, you have to be careful in everything, especially the strong in the gods. Of course, the strong at the quasi-spirit level is quite rare. You may not encounter one in tens of thousands of years, but it is difficult to be precise. I got the news. Over the past ten thousand years, there has been a rare prosperity in God\’s Domain, and there have been many talented people.\”Shanghai nodded repeatedly. After so much, he would naturally not underestimate the young powerhouse in God\’s Domain. Even if he is a person with a reincarnation conception, he may not be able to fight it, let alone a 30% reincarnation conception person. For such a character, all he can do is to stay as far away as possible.Moreover, he also knows that although he is an invaluable asset in the Great Wilderness World, in God\’s Domain, he can only belong to ordinary first-class, and even some top small world powerhouses are much better than him. So he never thought of actually going against them.boom……The heaven and the earth changed suddenly, and the sky seemed to be torn apart by the hands of a powerful god. The whole sky was completely shattered, and various brilliance emerged. These visions appeared not only in the territory of Ao Yi, but also in various places in the middle of the wilderness. This kind of vision.Many powerhouses poured out one after another, and even the strong stars of the vast star realm stopped fighting, looking at the colorful light gates that opened in the sky.The battlefield of gods is open…It happens that I have a token and can enter.Haha, I want to go too.


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