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Although the indoor sofa, TV and computer have no Internet, Jane Xi has almost searched the discs of the whole world, so that she can occasionally use them to have a look and aftertaste.

Gazing deeply into the distance, Shanghai resolutely stepped forward and directly took four steps. At the moment of stepping on, everything behind the ice blossoms completely emerged. Countless ice blossoms were blooming, and the power contained in them was hundreds. Thousands of times surged up…Is this the whole picture of Frozen World… Shanghai took a breath, and he was completely frozen, there was no chance to resist, and his consciousness quickly collapsed. He never expected that this frozen world would be thousands of miles away. The real power is so terrible.suddenly!The unnamed magical skills in his body surged, and strange and warm power poured into him. Shanghai was surprised to find that countless floating ice flowers were pouring towards his body. They actually… actually all merged into the unnamed magical skills. Among…Shanghai suddenly remembered that the ancestor Lingshen once said that the nameless magical skill comes from the book of heaven. This is a very unique magical skill in the world. Originally, he only thought that this magical skill could improve the quality. Now it seems that this nameless magical skill is not only Improving quality seems to have other magical uses…With the influx of ice flowers, Shanghai felt a majestic and wonderful rhyme derived from magical skills, containing endless ice and coldness, as if to freeze the world and freeze everything, and this wonderful rhyme was floating. In time, he was completely integrated into the depths of his sea of ​​knowledge, leaving a deep mark.Third Grade Magic Skill…Shanghai took a breath of air, and then he discovered that the nameless magical skill had changed and reached the third rank. At the same time, it was full of all the charm of the third-ranked magical skill in the frozen world.Chapter 1117: A New Secret Realm Of GodsThe eighth tower is not a magical skill, but a vast and endless peculiar space, where everything in the world is contained, and it contains nothingness, and the extremely strong power of reincarnation is rushing toward the face.There is no magical skill… The power of the reincarnation concept here is too strong… Shanghai just stood for a moment, and a large amount of the power of the reincarnation concept poured into the body. This was not specially absorbed by him, but spontaneously. .As the Seventh Blessed One\’s Reincarnation Mood was urged, more power of the reincarnation mood was poured into the body, and the pores of Shanghai\’s whole body bloomed, allowing these forces to enter the body.This feeling is like acquiring a large number of fourth-grade reincarnation treasures. No, it should be said that the eighth tower is the top reincarnation treasure. No matter how Shanghai absorbs it, the power of reincarnation is not reduced. Instead, it is increasing. The more, it seems like it keeps increasing.Is this eighth tower a reward for cultivators who passed the first seven towers? Shanghai thought in his heart, and at the same time stepped forward carefully. He didn\’t find the slightest danger, but only the endless power of reincarnation.Obviously, this eighth tower has no dangers and trials, only the endless power of reincarnation.treasure house!Shanghai suddenly realized that he had entered a huge treasure house, which contained an unimaginable power of pure reincarnation.Thinking of the seven towers in front, Shanghai is relieved. The eighth tower is definitely a reward. It is a reward for the practitioners who pass the first seven. After all, the first seven are full of terrible dangers, especially the seventh, which contains terrible things. The third class magical skills.If it hadn\’t been for the nameless divine ability to absorb the third stage divine ability and the frozen world at the critical moment, it would be difficult to pass even Shanghai, which possesses the ancient demon sacred body and many powerful methods, even for him, let alone the rest of the cultivators.If the danger contained in the eighth tower is more terrifying than the seventh, almost no one can pass through the silver Sendai.


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