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She has not refined this broken thunder Dan, and she also has danfang. All the steps and methods have been familiar to her heart, and even many small details have been practiced countless times in her heart.

One is a witch peck wearing a black feather treasure, and the other is wearing a special beast head silver armor. This person is slightly shorter, but he is strong, and the beast head silver armor on his body is constantly flowing with special beast head silver armor. Luster, impressively is a self-defense treasure.Brother Sorcerer, are you sure that kid is still alive? The beast-head silver-armored man said solemnly.Of course I\’m alive, I can be sure. Wu Pecking nodded. After more than 20 days of recovery, his injury has recovered 80%. Although his vitality still has some loss, it is no longer a serious problem, even the black on his body. Yu Baoyi has also been repaired a long time ago.Are you sure? The beast-head silver-armored man frowned. \”I just heard you say that the evil beast with the golden body has entered the place of extreme speed to hunt down that kid. The strength of this beast is far superior to the one who understands the reincarnation of the third world, that kid. It is bound to die.\”If he dies, why should I stay here? This extremely fast place is rather weird. You must have a big chance to enter. Over the past twenty days, I tried many times and still couldn\’t find the way to enter. I can wait outside. Wu Peck\’s eyes revealed a trace of haze.In fact, the reason why he was sure that Shanghai was not dead was because he had cultivated a special secret method, and could feel the rebirth of his opponents in the past for a long time.Of course, this secret method did not belong to Nanxuan Palace, but Wu Pei had another chance to obtain it, and only he knew it.During this period of time, he stayed outside because Shanghai was endless, so he was sure that Shanghai was definitely not dead.Although he couldn\’t see the situation inside, Wu Peck could feel that during this period of time the golden body evil beast\’s aura became weaker and weaker, and it was almost impossible to detect it. This discovery made him very scared, the golden body evil The strength of the beast is so terrible, even if he encounters it in its heyday, he has to retreat.But the golden body evil beast\’s life was about to disappear, and it was obviously seriously injured, even on the verge of death.certainly!Wu Peck did not believe that it was made in Shanghai. If Shanghai had such a strong ability, it would have been revealed in the first place, and would not be hidden behind. Therefore, he believes that there must be weird or some natural dangers in the place of extreme speed. With the existence of the realm, the golden body evil beast is terrifying, but it is a forbidden thing after all.This led to such a situation. Although it was just a guess, Wu Pecking believed that it should be the case.but!He is a prudent person, and he is also worried that Shanghai has some terrible assassin. In order to prevent accidents, he found the inner palace disciple Mo Yunfeng who is weaker than him, but whose defense is extremely strong, although he needs to share it. Half of the top grade god source, but better than none.Mo Yunfeng vowed to Wu Pei without saying anything. He knew that his senior brother would not stay here for no reason, and he was also very excited about the 50,000 high-grade gods. This is a lot of wealth. , Even in Nanxuan Palace, it is enough to buy many good treasures.Brother Sorcerer, that kid who can enter the land of extreme speed must have a great chance. If he obtains the method of extreme speed… I heard rumors that this method of extreme speed can move more than 100,000 miles in a flash. By then, once he moves, I Even if you want to catch up, you may not be able to catch up… Mo Yunfeng couldn\’t help but worry.Jie Jie… I never thought about what you thought of, Junior Brother, so I had already placed a ban on the void enchantment before this. As long as he appears, the void enchantment will be opened and cannot be moved instantly, you and me. The two of them will surely kill this son. One hundred thousand top-grade gods are just around the corner. Wu Qiyin smiled.Although Nanxuangong was hunting down Shanghai and promised a lot of rewards, it was so different from the one hundred thousand top-grade gods, that the disciples of Nanxuangong in the battlefield of gods all killed Shanghai with their arms. Later, he took the idea of ​​receiving one hundred thousand high-grade gods.It\’s coming out! The pupils of Wu Pecking Yinsi revealed a color of surprise.


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