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Jian Xi has now realized the difficulty of casual repair.

呲…The entanglement on the third layer is gone.Strong treasures emerged one after another, and countless treasures sealed by the six crystals were displayed in front of everyone.this……What\’s the matter? How come all the treasures in the treasure palace ran to the third floor? The strong man present was shocked.However, the eyes of the people looking at the six crystals showed incomparable fiery heat. As for why they went to the third floor, they were too lazy to pay attention to it. Now the key is how to seal the countless numbers in this crystal. Get the treasure.I\’ll take it first…A strong man took advantage of everyone not paying attention, and took the lead in rushing over, grabbing one of the crystals with one hand, and at the moment he touched it, the strong man\’s body became stiff, and then the vitality of his body quickly disappeared. After swallowing it, it turned into a skeleton and fell to the ground.Seeing this scene, the strong men who were about to step forward stopped their steps immediately, all of them pale, especially the strong ones who were about to grab the crystal, could not help but secretly thank themselves that they were a step slower, otherwise they would end up like such a strong man. Here.Can only watch, but can\’t get it, and the strong on the scene feel itchy.At this moment, a huge crystal appeared above the six crystals, and when they saw the treasure contained in this crystal, all the strong people present took a breath of cold air.Five-Rank Celestial Pill…Fourth Stage Saint Immortal Liquid…Oh my god, there is actually a god transformation pill, this is the legendary top god pill…Those who were strong in the field were shocked, and the strong in God\’s Domain who could still maintain their composure were moved at this moment, staring at the contents of the top crystal, wishing to snatch them all away, you must know These things are placed in the lower levels of God\’s Domain, and they are also treasures of the highest quality, even some big powers are eager and unavailable.If it hadn\’t been for a strong man who was turned into a bone because of the snatch, these strong men might fight desperately.Do you want treasures? A simple and vigorous voice came.The strong present were all startled.It\’s him again…Shanghai\’s expression became serious, because the voice was not someone else\’s, it was the voice that had just asked him twice.


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