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Lay a thick cushion on the ground and let the God of war fall on it. Jane Xi only hopes that it will minimize the pain of friction with the ground. Although those pain can\’t be compared with the pain of gouging out bones and meat now or before, Jane Xi still wants to do so, because she doesn\’t know how to help it now.

A large mouthful of blood spurted out of Fengxin’s mouth, like raindrops on the ground, and his vitality was also spurted out with this mouthful of blood, disappearing quickly, and the whole body shook slightly, straight towards the back. Smashed to the ground.The strong onlookers were shocked when they saw this.He was so angry…What\’s weird about it, it\’s too self-confident, the gap is too big, and it\’s not a strange thing to be mad at it under a big blow.Many strong people showed regret.The three Outer Sect disciples were stunned and looked at Feng Xin falling on the ground in a daze. They were dead, Feng Xin was dead, and they were still pissed off by themselves…Brother, Senior Brother Feng is so angry, what shall we do?Yes, those sixth-rank high-ranking defensive artifacts, and forty thousand best god sources… After the two outer sect disciples reacted, they asked anxiously, their faces extremely ugly.Sixth-Rank High-ranking Defensive Artifact, Forty Thousand Supreme God Source… The outer disciple headed shivered and almost lost his breath. If Fengxin died, they would have to bear this huge debt, thinking about the next thousand years. Time is desperate to pay off debts, and they all have the desire to die.What about the three foreign disciples, Shanghai didn\’t bother to pay attention to them, even if they knew it, they wouldn\’t bother them. The three people troubled themselves twice, and didn\’t teach them a lesson. They really thought they were soft persimmons.Immediately!As soon as Shanghai collected it, seventy-nine thousand Supreme God Yuan fell into his hands. At the same time, there were three sixth-rank treasures. After a glance, one of the two sixth-rank treasures was a refined treasure named Xian. Refining liquid, this thing has a great cleansing effect for cultivators, and after cleansing, it can have a reborn effect.This thing is of little use to Shanghai, because his body has already been reborn several times. Currently, only the fourth grade is useful to him, and such treasures are even rarer and precious, and are more valuable than the sixth-grade treasures. Ten thousand times higher.Therefore, he intends to keep it first.As for the other treasure, it is a treasure of the reincarnation concept. Although it is the lower rank of the sixth rank, it does not have any attributes. It is useful to any strong person who understands the reincarnation concept. However, he already has the reincarnation treasure of the fifth rank. , It doesn\’t matter whether this thing is used or not, so I decided to leave it to Mu Ningxue.As for the sixth-grade defensive artifact, it is a shield device. Shanghai has no plans for the time being, so I will keep it for now and make plans later.Boy, those top god sources and treasures, you can\’t take them away. The outer disciple headed hurriedly shouted, and the three of them pressed forward.Why can\’t I take it? I won all these things.Shanghai sneered, \”Could it be that the disciples of the Tian Zhan Sect are so overbearing that they only allow themselves and others to win, but not allow the others to fail?\”The three outer disciples were suddenly choked and speechless.


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