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\”It doesn\’t bother you, please.\” Jane Xi still refused people thousands of miles away.

Different Emperor Senluo, I am afraid you have no chance to reincarnate. Shanghai said slowly, this sentence is like death sentence, no, it is more terrifying than death God\’s sentence, and the body of the different emperor Senluo shook suddenly.No…no…you can\’t do this…The different emperor Senluo shook his head abruptly. Death is not terrible, at least you can re-enter the cycle. The terrible thing is that the soul is scattered, and you can no longer step into the cycle. This is extremely fatal to any cultivator, including other cultivators. Yes, but he couldn\’t resist, he was seriously injured, and he couldn\’t fight back at all.呲…The astral power is like a blade, directly cutting apart the two fused souls in the sea of ​​knowledge. The strongest soul wants to escape, but the falling astral power, like a weapon of the gods, is constantly slashing. .The soul of the different emperor Senluo is much stronger than that of the ordinary cultivator. After all, he is a different cultivator. The body has two souls, which is almost equivalent to two souls. The ordinary cultivator cannot destroy his soul at all, but He met Shanghai, and his soul changed five times.Under the stronger soul power, the resistance of the different emperor Senluo seemed weak and weak, but he was cut off after a few resistances.No… Before the consciousness shattered, the other emperor Senluo let out an unwilling roar, but this couldn\’t stop him from flying away.Bang!The soul shattered, the consciousness disappeared, and the three souls and seven souls overflowed the sea of ​​consciousness and disappeared completely. Only the pure soul powers were left, and these soul powers belonged to the other emperor itself.Shanghai quickly took action, because Sen Luo\’s soul was getting dimmed and might disappear at any time. With the special power of Nine Death Fairy, the speed of Sen Luo\’s soul dimming dropped a lot. Gradually, his soul began to stabilize.And this time!The pure astral powers around, as if attracted, are constantly pouring in. These astral powers are unowned, and will naturally swept towards the nearest two. Not only Sin Luo is absorbing, but even Shanghai is absorbing. Half of the pure astral power.Under the absorption of the two, Senluo\’s soul became more and more solid, while Shanghai\’s soul power increased by about 30%. Although only 30%, it also made his own soul more solidified. Of course, the soul\’s strength. Promotion, for him now, is of little use for the time being, but in the future, it will have endless magical effects.After doing all this, Shanghai recovered his soul power. Gang Shi searched for a circle, and only after he confirmed that there was no legacy left by another emperor, he recovered it. Then he took out a god pill and stuffed it into the severely injured Sen Luo. In his mouth, his right hand slightly lifted, pressing Shendan into his throat.Next, what Shanghai can do is to wait. He is also quite nervous at this moment, because he is not sure whether Sun Luo can withstand the cut of the soul power just now. After all, Sun Luo\’s soul is too fragile, and the cutting may cause Sen Luo\’s consciousness and memory were damaged.Under the action of the god pill, Sen Luo\’s body slowly recovered. At this time, his eyelids trembled, and then slowly opened.Shanghai… Sen Luo trembled, looking excited and excited.Chapter 1161Sun Luo stared at Shanghai closely, his scarlet pupils were full of excitement that was beyond words. At this moment, he stretched out a punch and smashed Shanghai on the shoulder.


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