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\”Oh, Xiao yaoyu is growing up. That\’s very good,\” brilliance said with a smile.

The announcement is inevitable, but the news is too shocking, and I believe you don\’t want this matter to be exposed too much, to be known to the world, right? Shanghai said.Hear the words!The pupils of Ji Zhi and others shrank slightly and looked at each other.Even Zuo Yun nodded slightly. Indeed, the fewer people who know this kind of thing, the better. Those who know it first will naturally be able to take the lead.Xiaoyou Lin\’s words are reasonable. Some old monsters have rushed over, and many ghosts gradually appeared in the void.Once the circumvention of the law of the City of All Things is completely leaked out, the entire City of All Things will be plunged into chaos. Although many people want to see this chaos, many people do not want to see it, especially for those who are ranked As far as the top forces are concerned, they even hope that they can completely control the situation in the City of All Things.If this is the case, then open a hall where qualified people can enter, how? A sonorous voice came, like a huge sword, a middle-aged man with a strong body like a sword plunged into the earth. , Fell in front of everyone, followed by a group of elders.Heavenly Battle Sect…Zuo Yunliu frowned.The one who came was the Heavenly Battle Sect, one of the three great divine sects.Guo Lin, it\’s been a long time.The voice of the negative test sounded, and many strong people present felt chills all over, and saw a thin and skinny man slowly disappeared, and 13 people followed closely behind him. Wrapped in a black robe, can\’t see what it looks like at all.Elder of the Blood Sect Poison Xiao, it\’s really been a long time. The Tian Zhanzong expert named Guo Lin smiled and arched his hands.Afterwards!Various forces came one after another, including many of the Hidden Protoss, and even many old monsters who hadn\’t shown up all year round.Just now Elder Guo said to open a hall, and those who are qualified can enter, what kind of qualification is considered to be qualified? A voice that was neither overwhelming nor overwhelming came from the crowd.If you pass my test, even if you are qualified. Guo Lin hummed coldly.Really? Then I have to learn about your abilities. A long-haired man with a yin and yang face walked out slowly.Yin and yang, you really don\’t let go. Guo Lin snorted, his eyes full of jealousy, but he didn\’t submit a word.Okay, don\’t quarrel, everyone, in my opinion, the top gods can enter, how about?


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