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\”Thank you, young Lord. I don\’t know what you want me to tell you?\” shangguandian got up and asked with a low head.

Shanghai didn\’t say anything, but stood still. After reaching the peak of the Fourth World Zun, his speed could only be driven up to 80,000 times. Compared with these three old monsters, it was a lot worse, and it was chaotic. It\’s better to watch the changes in your own position.Dumb?Let\’s not speak on purpose. Jie Jie, it\’s the same whether you say it or not, let us see your abilities in the Three Sages.Dare to break into the second floor, and you must rely on it. It seems that you want to get through the second floor and reverse the black prison? It\’s a pity that you met our Three Saints. The three voices continued one after another.suddenly!A black shadow hits, and as it shuttles, it turns into a hideous grimace, and in this grimace, there is a thin and extremely thin finger. One of the old monsters shot, and this time there is no horrible gesture. , There is no sound, but the feeling to Shanghai contains a crisis of terror.In that finger, there is an incomparable terrifying power.Taishi nine styles!First style!call out……The Thunder God Spear was full of endless charm, and it slammed into that finger, and between the two collisions, a terrifying aftermath of power burst out, like a frenzy, it drove to both sides, Shanghai felt the right arm pass. There was a burst of tearing pain, and the Thunder Spear in his hand almost broke out.Yes, some are capable, but you are a little too tender if you want to reverse the black prison.The finger was pressed down, Shanghai was squeezed back steadily, and with a bang, the back hit the wall fiercely, and the bones and hair on the back made a crackling sound. It was obviously broken, and I felt the finger continue. The terrifying force that fell down.Shanghai twins shrank!Taishi nine styles! Three types in one!chant!An electric light burst out from the Thunder God\’s Spear, and the finger that had been pressed down was suddenly bounced away, and then there was an astonished exclamation sound from behind.Ah! Some strength.Hey, this kid is interesting.Devil Saint, you can\’t do it, how about the three of us come together?


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