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In front of him, the girl who was serving food to Siyu was so soft that she even melted people away. Qi Jiexing looked at the beautiful girl who made him feel soft somewhere in his heart. He printed her image without knowing it.

With the realm of the Cthulhu General, it is not difficult to use the power to cover himself with a black mist, and it is not difficult to cover his face. Shanghai will then cover the Cthulhu General with his divine consciousness and slightly change the atmosphere of the Cthulhu General. Originally, he was worried that he would be detected, but later found out. After Dugu Sanming didn\’t recognize it, he was relieved.The Dugu Sanming flying in front of him felt strange, because he felt that the senior black king was always about ten meters away from Shanghai, and followed all the way. At first he didn\’t feel anything, but as time went on, The more I look at it, the more strange it becomes.No matter what a god will say, he will not follow a strong person at the level of the third world deity all the way. How can he follow so closely? It is really strange…Dugu Sansheng couldn\’t figure it out, but he didn\’t continue to think about it, because next, he was about to take revenge, and completely released the hatred and resentment accumulated over the past seventy thousand years.Boss Nantian…you also have today… Dugu Sanming\’s expression became distorted.This old monster Dugu\’s revenge obsession is too strong, I hope nothing will happen. After Shanghai noticed Dugu\’s three lives, he couldn\’t help frowning.Nan Lingtian!The Wanfeng sea area, the entire sea area is astonishingly large, almost the size of a small world.This is the area south of the Southern Spirit Celestial Pole, where there are abundant cultivation treasures and various secrets. There is also the blood sect, one of the three great gods, established here. In addition, there are many large and small forces, even Among the Hidden Protoss, there is the Hidden Protoss Ji clan ranked third in Nanlingtian.A big god sect, a big hidden god clan is located in the sea of ​​ten thousand winds, which shows the richness of this place, and there are many hidden masters here.The palace of the gods of the Nantian boss is also built here, located at the golden cloud top in the sea of ​​ten thousand winds.Palace of Gods!In the Southern Spirit Heaven, it is almost equal to the top single power, and it is also the place where various gods will live. Generally, these gods will rarely establish sects, which is troublesome on the one hand, and will be entangled on the other. , So the palace of the gods they live in will not give any inheritance.certainly!The palace of the gods will also recruit strong people, generally only those of the middle and high-level gods, as long as they meet the qualifications, they can become the messengers of the gods.The envoy of the gods can not only obtain the guidance of the gods, but also grant some unique secret methods. The most important thing is that with this identity, if others want to move them, they also have to worry about the gods behind them. Therefore, there have always been many middle and high-level officers. The gods go to the palace of the gods and want to join the godsIn the palace, become the envoy of the gods.Every year, there will be some middle and high-level gods going to the palaces of the gods to see if they can have a chance.Outside the Southern Heavenly General’s Palace, there are a lot of middle- and high-level gods circling, there are as many as 200, which is about five times more than in previous years. The reason why so many middle and high-level gods are gathered is because the Southern Heavenly Palace died not long ago. Five envoys of the gods were left, and five positions were!


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