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\”Yes,\” they answered in unison, turned and went out.

He? No, although this person is fierce, but he is the elder of the Temple of Qiantian after all, and he still utters those words under the eyes of everyone, so as long as you are a strong person in the Temple of Heaven, he I won\’t come to trouble you. Old Undead said.Upon hearing this, Shanghai breathed a sigh of relief.I was afraid that Situ Ding would not give up, and then continue to trouble him. Although the old immortal can help, but the old immortal is always there.I\’d better return to Dingtian Peak to take a look.Shanghai is a little worried about Zhu Bulu and the others. Anyway, the three guys are friends he made in the Temple of Heaven, and when the peak master unlocked his ancient seal, he swore that he must Let Dingtian Peak!The first place on the Tianchong List is already destined to be Shanghai, and he plans to go to the Tianchong List to observe it after returning to Dingtian Peak.After returning to Dingtian Peak, Zhu Bushui and others rushed up with excitement. In addition, Shanghai also found some new faces. Although there were only six people, these six people were assigned to Dingtian Peak. They came, and they came on their own initiative.The first place on the list of Heavenly Moats came from Dingtian Peak, which made Dingtian Peak\’s momentum faintly reached the top of the thirty-two peaks, and even almost surpassed the Sixteenth Pavilion.Although only six people have joined in the past three years, for Dingtian Peak, which originally had only five people, it is already a trend of prosperity.After a while, Shanghai returned and left.At the first peak!The replacement of the first place on the Tianqi list almost shocked the entire Qiantian Temple. However, the senior management had already heard the news, and they were not so surprised. On the contrary, the young powerhouses underneath were all shocked. No one thought, Those who have been at the top of the list for so many years have actually fallen.What\’s more shocking is that the top of the list is actually a woman, and this person\’s name is Lan Yi.Many people disperse for a long time after observing, from lively to deserted, this is an inevitable process, because it is impossible for the strong to stay on the list every day staring at the list and do nothing. As for the legend of the top, They can only look up.Standing at the Tianchong List, Shanghai looked at the entire Tianchong List. After reaching the top of the list, he faintly felt an inexplicable echo, which corresponded to his own name. Immediately, his mind was plunged into the Tianchong List.As the mind fell in, an extremely mighty aura rushed forward, followed by a series of simple and awe-inspiring lines criss-crossing past, each of these lines is unimaginable, but each has its own. The unique charm seems to come from different people.Quasi-God Emperor Notch…That\’s right!That was the mark of the quasi-divine emperor, and what surprised Shanghai was that not only the eight quasi-divine emperors, but the tenth quasi-divine emperor, were obviously not only the eight quasi-divine emperors with obvious voices since ancient times. , There are two quasi-god emperors who have been buried in history.


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