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The old judges couldn\’t reach such a success rate, and the seven old men were still full of pills. Their hands trembled when they looked at the pills in the tray, because Jian Xi refined a pill, which is the necessary pill \”Ningying pill\” for the golden elixir friars in the golden elixir period. Its difficulty is comparable to that of the ordinary fourth level pills. After all the three pills were refined, it was dark, The assessment began early in the morning and was not completed until it was dark. The difficulty of the third-order pill was much greater than that of the first and second-order pills.

I\’m afraid you are going to be disappointed. We are just within ten feet of each other. A smile appeared on Shanghai\’s calm face.One foot range…Situ Ding was taken aback for a moment, and for a while, he didn\’t understand what the Shanghai sentence meant, and what was the scope of one square meter. Could it be that this son could kill him? Don\’t talk about it, even if it is close at hand, the power of the god king is all over the body, and Shanghai does not want to hurt him, not to mention that he has a second-grade defensive artifact to resist.At this time, a strong golden light appeared on the eyebrows of Shanghai, which contained a palpitating divine consciousness. After a short time, this divine consciousness turned into a divine spear, and the cohesion of this divine spear was extremely high. It’s amazing. Although it is the same as before, it is a magical device, but this time it is far beyond the previous one, and even surpassed the level that Situ Ding had achieved in the first place…Divine Sense… Situ Ding suddenly understood something, his face changed instantly, and he quickly urged his divine Sense to resist, but this divine Sense spear had pierced into his sea of ​​knowledge, condensing everything. The spear of Shennian burst open.boom……Situ Ding\’s consciousness of the sea shook, and the whole person suddenly stiffened. Although it was only a momentary stalemate, this period of time was extremely deadly. The Thunder Spear held by the giant hand suddenly broke free and moved towards Situ Ding\’s head. Stabbed in the past.Soon, Situ Ding recovered. Seeing that the Thunder Spear was only one inch away from his head, the second-grade defensive artifact on his body was transformed into a strange token, directly blocking his forehead, his heart was slightly tense. Relaxed, but in the next scene, he was dead, and the Thunder Spear pierced the token and pierced straight into his forehead.Do not……Situ Ding was furious, and immediately grabbed his hands toward his forehead, and stubbornly pinched the Thunder God Spear that pierced three inches into his forehead, and finally blocked it when the Thunder God Spear entered the Sea of ​​Consciousness. At this juncture, the power of the god king broke out completely.Said that it was too late, it was fast, Shanghai suddenly caught something, it was a mysterious gas, only a trace, but it made Situ Ding feel a strong sense of crisis, and wanted to get out quickly, but with both hands. Defending the Thunder God Spear out……The mysterious gas was thrown over. At such a close distance, Situ Ding could not defend himself at all. He could only watch the mysterious gas fall into his body, not good… Situ Ding\’s expression changed, and he felt the mysterious gas. The horror of his god king is being swallowed by mysterious gas.It can\’t stop it, it can\’t stop the engulfing of mysterious gas at all.Do not!Situ Ding raised his head and roared, and under his anger, he madly released all the power of the god king, and he couldn\’t survive anyway.boom……Under the impact of the power of the god king, Shanghai saw the situation not good, and quickly took out a second-grade defensive artifact, that was the last one. The whole person was completely swept by the power of the god king, and the second-rank defensive artifact burst on the spot. His entire body, almost twisted, was immediately shaken out and fell hundreds of miles away, smashing the ground out of a deep pit.chant……Situ Ding’s power of the king blasted a million li area to pieces. After a while, everything returned to calm. Situ Ding was still hovering in the sky, but his body was completely blackened, and a gust of wind came and turned into fly ash. Disappeared.


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