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This is not a crowded area, but there are also many passers-by. At this time, they have been far away, afraid of causing trouble. In the center of the road, opposite Jane Xi, the middle-aged monk stared at Jane Xi with a fierce face, \”I see where you\’re going. If you hurt the young city leader, don\’t think about leaving the green city. You\’ll be arrested without a hand. You\’ll have less flesh and blood. Maybe the young city leader can save you from death. Otherwise, LV will avenge the young city leader today. Don\’t think about escaping. You can\’t run alone.\”.

…Ten thousand feet in front of the Nitian Temple.A grim man stood in the middle of the avenue. His body was already covered with various scars. Some of the scars even penetrated deep into the bones. The blood had already soaked the man.This man is not someone else, it is Leng Yihang. At this moment, his face is pale as paper, his body is trembling slightly, and the tips of his fingers are sharp and unsteady. But now, his realm has fallen to the level of the king, but The sharpness of the fingertips made many powerhouses around him jealous.From reaching the Temple of Heaven Defying Heaven, there are many young powerhouses standing there. These people are the powerhouses who guard the Temple of Heaven Defying Heaven.Three hours have passed, life is really hard.Just kill him.Killing him so early, it\’s not much fun. After all, a guy ran to find his death, so he played with him. A man standing at the head of the hall swept an indifferent arc of his mouth. Waved, \”Break his hands first.\”good!It\’s just two hands, simple.In an instant!More than twenty strong men in the Heaven-defying Palace shook their bodies and slammed down towards Leng Yihang from all directions. Facing the extreme oppression, Leng Yihang\’s fingers shook slightly, and an astonishing cold light rose into the sky. Those strong men seemed to be prepared for this terrifying cold light.boom……All the power shook up, collided with this cold light, and finally cancelled out.Kneel me down!A strong man against the heavens suddenly appeared behind Leng Yihang, raised his leg and stepped on it suddenly. Although the realm level of this person, the god general, only used a bit of strength, it is not the realm that fell to the king. Leng Yihang can withstand it.Click!His left leg broke, and Leng Yihang\’s cheeks suddenly tightened and he almost knelt down, but he stood up abruptly.It\’s pretty hard, see if you can still be so hard after breaking your second leg. The strong man showed a hideous look and stepped on it again.Click!


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