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Jane is obviously an old man at this age. Call her senior, and so is Zhang Rong. I don\’t know how many people are older than myself. It makes her very uncomfortable to think of herself as a younger generation again and again. Perhaps it is the habit of calling each other by age on earth. Even if she has been on this planet for several years, she still can\’t adapt to it.

Under the physical strength, the surging spirituality moved toward the other three sides like a wave that was cut open. Shanghai raised his right hand, his five fingers were slightly closed, and the hairpin-like secondary emperor weapon was immediately captured. Without looking closely, he threw it directly into the Tiangang Ring, and then slowly refined this thing later.The other imperial artifacts, especially the two main imperial artifacts, trembled violently, and shook directly into the sky.Want to go…Shanghai is not afraid of these two main imperial artifacts, because these two things did not have the power left by the god emperor. They immediately rose from the sky and grabbed the two main imperial artifacts, but when they touched them, the main imperial artifacts The internal reaction shocked the most terrifying force.These two forces were extremely terrifying, and Shanghai\’s arms were smashed. This is because his physique is many times stronger than before. If he were to change to the previous physique, he might have been smashed long ago, Gu Mo Regenerate out.Kaka…The cracks in his arms are recovering at an extremely fast speed. Even so, Shanghai still has the feeling of confronting two powerhouses who have reached the peak of the god king level. He did not use the power of a demon, but only relied on his own power. , And physical strength, suppressed the two main imperial artifacts.This kid\’s physique is so strong… this kind of strength is almost comparable to a super first-grade artifact, if it becomes stronger, wouldn\’t it be necessary to reach the level of a quasi-divine imperial weapon… I wonder if he can be comparable to an imperial weapon The extent of… Qi Ling was full of surprise.It naturally knows that Shanghai\’s physique before. Although it was very strong, it only reached the level of the second-rank, at most, the first-rank artifact, and now it has directly skyrocketed to the super-rank level. In fact, it does not know that Shanghai has not yet used the power of demons.Once you use it, your physique will skyrocket again, and by then it will be more than a super-grade.It should be impossible to reach a level comparable to an imperial weapon. The strongest physique since ancient times is the Thunder God Emperor. This god emperor has almost created a myth that ordinary people can\’t match. The degree of the weapon, that body, even if it’s an imperial weaponIt is also difficult to break. \”Qi Ling said solemnly: \”In this world, there will be no second Thunder God Emperor, at least for a few eras, but this Shanghai\’s physique is also strong enough to stand out from the crowd, once it grows to the level of a quasi-divine emperor. , Even the quasi-divine emperor of the same level can hardly shake him…\”No, he can\’t reach the level of a quasi god emperor. Taishi god emperor\’s emperor skills contain a terrible curse. Unless he can aspire to a god emperor as a god, he will stop at the god emperor at most in this life, even if it is an opportunity. Strong, no matter how high his aptitude is, he can\’t step into a higher level. Qi Lingxin said.Since ancient times, although there are not many god emperors, there are some, and there are only three people who can claim one god emperor at the level of gods, and these three are all… lunatics…Every time Qi Ling recalled the actions of the three lunatics, he felt unbelievable and unbelievable. In the end, the Emperor Taishi didn’t run out of life and died, but instead refined his body and let his soul fly away. At that time, The Emperor Taishi only lived for half a million years.For the god emperor\’s five million years of life, Taishi god emperor is already very young, but he refines his body like crazy.At the beginning of the Taoist God Emperor, he was also a lunatic. He actually smashed his soul and left his body, but he became an eternal imprisonment and remained in a certain place in the wilderness.The same is true for the Thunder God Emperor, possessing a terrifying physique that no God Emperor can match, and his life span is as high as 8 million years, but he also refined his body and lived for a million years. Just do it.Qi Ling really couldn\’t understand why these three god emperors were like lunatics, all refining themselves…


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