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\”OK, sir, wait a minute, I\’ll go now.\” Zhang Rong answered quickly and left the box.

Immediately, the boy reacted, looking at Bi Yuelan and the other women with complicated eyes, and then turned around. After just taking two steps, he hesitated again, turned back and took out a sharp knife, and walked to the table where everyone was. Then began to cut up the fierce beast little by little.The boy’s actions did not attract much attention, but Lingxuanjian and others noticed that when the boy was cutting, he secretly carved a line on the skin of the fierce beast, \”Quickly leave the city of bitter devil, outsiders Entering here, either lingers, or is worse than death…\”At this point, the young man quickly chopped up the line of words, his expression remained the same.However, the expressions of Lingxuanjian and others changed slightly. Although I don’t know why the young man said so, there must be something strange about this so-called Bitter Demon City. With a hint of joking and cruelty.This place is weird. Let\’s leave first. Lingxuanjian said in a deep voice. After all, he is not only himself, but also Shanghai and others. If something happens, it will be troublesome.Liman and the others had been with the Lingxuan Sword for many years, and it was naturally clear that they stood up immediately, and the group was about to leave this residence.Sudden!At the entrance of the residence, there was a sound of heavy footsteps, and then a horrible breath surged in. I saw an ancient god and demon in silver armor stepping in. This god and demon had three on his forehead. The single horn, the double pupils are emerald green, and the whole body is filled with a strong aura.Followed by hundreds of ancient gods and demons, these gods and demons wore all-colored bronze armor, each with a tyrannical aura, and they all reached the level of the god king.Seeing this group of people, the expressions of the ancient gods and demons and the strong in the hall changed slightly, quietly stood up, and retreated to the corner in a very tacit understanding. These people didn\’t have much surprise in their eyes, as if they had expected this a long time ago. Similar.The silver armored Primordial God and Demon stared at Lingxuanjian and the others. No, it should be said that they looked at the four daughters of Biyuelan. Their turquoise eyes flashed with strong desires. Since ancient times, Primordial God and Demon have been very casual. Sex, nothing is taken into consideration at all.It\’s really stunning. For many years, I haven\’t seen such a woman since the ancient times. Haha, I didn\’t make a mistake today. The silver armor ancient god demon raised his head and laughed wildly, his voice contained amazing physical strength. , There is also a power of gods and demons, which shocked all the tables and chairs to shatter.Who is your excellency? Why do you stop us from going? Ling Xuan Jian said solemnly.Why are you blocking your way? Isn\’t that necessary? Anyone who enters the City of Suffering will have to pay the entrance fee. You have not paid the entrance fee, and you have violated the regulations of the City of Suffering. According to the city regulations, you should be arrested. , The Lord Demon General will punish you.” The Silver Armor Primordial God Demon sneered.
Entrance fee? I waited to enter the city, and no one asked to pay it. Since I have to pay, I just wait to make it up.\” Lingxuan Sword does not want to cause trouble too much. On top, if someone around you has an accident, it will be troublesome.Make up? The bitter devil city didn\’t make up for it. It\’s an obedient way to catch it, and you don\’t have to suffer. If you dare to resist, it will make you better than death. The silver armored ancient god and demon snorted.It\’s not ashamed to say something, I want to see, who can make me wait for life rather than death.Liman was furious, the other party was obviously looking for trouble, no matter whether they had sex or not, the result was the same. When he moved his body, his body exploded with terrifying physical strength. It is the strongest, almost comparable to the second-tier artifact.A punch was smashed, and it blasted on the chest of the Silver Armor Primordial God and Demon.Hit…Liman’s eyes were filled with joy. Although the opponent was the pinnacle god king, his punch was full of the power of the secondary emperor weapon. He used his body to bear the blow, even if he did not die, he would be seriously injured. One scene completely changed Liman\’s face.


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