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The auction continued, and Jian Xi also knew that there was nothing she was interested in next, so there was no need to stick to the last moment. She was anxious to see if the trunk of the processed chaotic tree could be refined and absorbed by her own chaotic tree, so she got up and greeted Zhang Rong to go back together.

must.Farewell.Shanghai bowed his hands, said nothing, turned back and left.The strong man outside wanted to block Shanghai, but was stopped by the God Emperor Tianyu, and could only watch Shanghai leave.Divine Emperor, why don\’t you keep him? The golden armored man walked in and asked unwillingly.Stay? Why can you keep him? God Emperor Tianyu stared into the distance, without moving his eyes, and directly replied.Although this son is extremely capable, it\’s just as good as ours. If it\’s done, it won\’t be difficult to keep it here with my ability to wait. The golden armored man said with a slight displeasure. Although Shanghai is capable, comparable to the average quasi-god emperor, he is the strongest among the quasi-god emperors. It is easy to suppress Shanghai, and the Tianyu God Emperor actually let go of Shanghai.If you really make a move, if there is an accident, let alone you, even me, can\’t suppress him… The Emperor Tianyu squinted his eyes.Even the god emperor you can\’t suppress… how is this possible…The man in the golden armor was shocked. He suddenly remembered something, his face changed instantly, \”Divine Emperor, is there any difference with that kid? Or is he a reincarnated body of a Divine Emperor?\”more than……The Emperor Tianyu slowly said: \”This son is very special. In him, I can feel the breath of that fellow… Although it is very weak, it is not wrong. It is indeed the breath of that fellow…\”That guy…The breath of Emperor Huntian!Chapter 1589 Young Master Ton XiEmperor Huntian…The look of the man in the golden armor changed drastically. Although he was not a quasi-god emperor who came out of the ancient times, he also knew some deeds in the ancient times.The name Huntian Emperor had an absolute deterrent effect in the Primordial Era, and only two supreme beings could keep up with it, and even during a certain period of time in the Primordial Age, Huntian Emperor ruled all living beings. According to the rumors, even the god emperor will be wiped out between the Emperor Huntian raising his hand. Even now, this name still has a lot of deterrence.Divine Emperor, do you suspect that this child may be the reincarnated body of Emperor Huntian? The golden armored man said bitterly. If Shanghai is really the reincarnation body of the Emperor Huntian, it will be very troublesome. You must know that the reincarnation of an emperor is far more terrifying than the reincarnation of a god emperor.At the same time, the man in the Golden Armor couldn\’t help but secretly rejoice that he didn\’t take action against Shanghai, otherwise it might cause great trouble.


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