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Li Siyu turned out his warm cotton padded jacket and trousers from under the mattress, put them on, folded the quilt and put it on the Kang cabinet.

The demon sacred liquid… really is the demon sacred liquid. Shanghai was shocked, but he didn\’t understand why the Fourth Emperor would let him soak in the demon sacred liquid.If it is an ordinary strong person, thrown into the demon sacred liquid, it will inevitably be transformed into nothingness. However, Shanghai is an ancient demon. Although it is very different from the demon, it has a great relationship with the demon. The demon sacred liquid is powerful to the demon. Naturally, it will also be useful to ancient demons.Since the fourth emperor knew that he was an ancient demon, and threw himself into the demon sacred liquid, this approach confuses Shanghai very much.It\’s like a person who has caught his feud, not only didn\’t kill the other person, but also let the other person eat and drink well, and even finally took out his family\’s treasures and gave it to the other person.Shanghai cannot understand, it is really difficult to understand the intention of the Fourth Emperor.After understanding that what was soaked was the holy liquid of the demon, Shanghai did not stop itself from dissolving, because this was a process, even if the other demons were thrown into it and soaked, they would be dissolved, and then regained their original body.As the body continues to dissolve, Shanghai feels that the blood of the ancient demon in the body is constantly becoming richer, and more than that, there is another kind of blood that seems to be also being stimulated, that is the blood of the spirit and god, which contains With the blood of the demon itself.demon……Feeling the fast-growing blood of the demon, Shanghai instantly understood something.Does the fourth emperor want to transform me into a monster? Shanghai\’s heart sank. If he becomes a monster, he will inevitably be encircled by all major forces in the future, and it is impossible for him to join the monster side, so he will Face the human race and the demons at the same time.But how can I stop it?The blood of the demon is the legacy of the ancestors. Shanghai can\’t stop it at all. It can only watch its continuous surge, and the surge of the blood of the demon is so fast that it is unexpectedly many times faster than that of Sen Luo. It surprised him.You know, the strength and stamina of demons all come from blood.The more terrifying the bloodline, the more terrifying the demon\’s ability. What the four demon emperors have is the bloodline of the emperor level, so they can become emperors.Could the earliest ancestor be a demon king? Shanghai Xin asked.There is only one demon king in each era, which is equivalent to the god emperor of the human race. However, the demon king is different from the human race. Inspire all bloodlines and become a demon king again.Originally, the blood of the spirit god had already been activated, but the blood of the ancient demon in Shanghai was so strong that the blood of the spirit god was always in a state of being suppressed.Now that there is a demon sacred pool, the blood of the spirit gods has skyrocketed, and in a flash, it has covered the whole body of Shanghai, and the extremely rich blood of the demon has made Shanghai\’s reconstituted body reach about thirty feet, with two bulges behind it. Big bag.Wow…The big bag burst open, and two golden and black fleshy wings stretched out. The fleshy wings were covered with golden streamers, and each one contained endless mystery. Compared with Sen Luo\’s three pairs of fleshy wings, Shanghai This pair is bigger and contains stronger power.

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