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Chapter 6 eating dumplings

boom……Two shadows rushed out of the law of heaven and earth, and saw two stunning women. One woman was covered in scales, and her head had a pair of dragon horns. The whole body was filled with incomparable destructive power. The woman is ethereal like an immortal, and the pervasive power of the law almost envelopes the entire sky.The visitors were not others, but Zihu and Wutian.The two women came to Shanghai in an instant, and two powers comparable to the god emperor attacked and dispelled all the black awns that had entangled Shanghai.Despite this, Shanghai was still in a semi-conscious state. Heimang’s power was so terrifying that he almost destroyed his body. Although the power of the ancient demon\’s regeneration is recovering, his body has been disordered and it is difficult to recover in the short term. .Now Shanghai has basically lost its combat power.Half dragon demon…and half god emperor… Zhe Yu, the first demon emperor, looked at the purple fox and Wu Tian two women who appeared with a complicated expression.On the emperor\’s stage in the immortal land, the two daughters have already obtained the emperor\’s throne, but because they are both at the same time, they cannot become the god emperor. They are just infinitely close to the god emperor. After the purple fox got this power, His own ancient demon bloodline was urged to the extreme, becoming a half-dragon demon.You twoJoin forces to deal with the first demon emperor Zhe Yu, and I will help you take care of Shanghai. \”A voice came, and the Emperor Xiaoyao appeared beside the two women. Because of his special existence, the Supreme Realm just now had no influence on him.I\’m tired.Um!The purple fox and Wu Tian handed over Shanghai to the god emperor Xiaoyao, staring at the first demon emperor Zhe Yu. They knew very well that even if they rescued Shanghai, Zhe Yu, the first demon emperor, would still chase after him.In the depths of the sky, two phantoms emerged and landed on the world, standing opposite to the first demon emperor. Although the two phantoms are smaller than those of the first demon emperor Zhe Yu, they are also Not too much.Ow…The purple fox took the lead, shaped like a real dragon, and slapped Zhe Yu, the first demon emperor with a palm. Seeing this, the latter waved his wings immediately, and the same dragon demon power was urged out. The power of the two collided together, bursting out an incomparable aftermath.Rolling after waves, strangling by, I don\’t know how many demons and slaves, as well as the powerful of the major forces, were silently killed.With a wave of the Emperor Xiaoyao, a peculiar force was released to protect him and Shanghai, who was in a semi-comatose state.At the same time, Wu Tian also took action, driving the vast law of the sky, sweeping towards the first demon emperor Zhe Yu, spurring a more terrifying aftermath.This is already a battle above the level of the god emperor, and the real god emperor, the law of control, is far from being comparable to the reincarnation body of the god emperor, even if it is the reincarnation body of the god emperor that has recovered to more than 90%, it is the same, because They are not god emperors, so they can\’t show the true meaning of the law.

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