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Li Si Nong didn\’t say much. Pointing to the things on the ground, he asked, what are these? Your classmates mailed them to you?

Qiu Feng finally flashed an angry look on his face and said in a deep voice, \”if Mr. Jia wants to find women, Qiu Feng has a lot here. What types do you want, please let go of tears? She is my brother\’s girlfriend. Would you please give my brother a face?\” \”Girlfriend? Hahaha, who are you kidding? How can you keep your girlfriend in a place without touching it? I don\’t need anything else for the time being, but this one in front of me is called tears? It really bothers me! I\’ll take it away in a moment and let her cry under me, so it\’s called authentic tears, hahaha\” was another burst of laughter. \”Mr. Jia, please let her go. She\’s our boss\’s woman. This is our territory in the West. Please find out the situation.\” Dagang can\’t hold the fire. Tears are not Qiu Feng\’s woman, but a college student. Because he came from a scholarly family, he has trained in a good tea ceremony and was hired by Qiu Feng to entertain important guests, For more than a year, it\’s not that I haven\’t met any guests harassing Feng lei\’er, but Qiu Feng blocked them back with a sentence \”she\’s my girlfriend\”. After all, Qiu Feng is the boss of the first district. Most people also have to think about their weight. Besides, it\’s not worth it for a woman. Dagang\’s hot temper can\’t help it. Feng lei\’er is a good girl. If something happens to them, their boss\’s face will be lost. In addition, the boss\’s heavy commitment will not let this happen. The boss once promised Feng lei\’er to protect her. Over the past year, Qiu Feng has never touched Feng lei\’er\’s finger. Although Qiu Feng doesn\’t think he is a good person, he never forces a girl who loves herself. Besides, he doesn\’t hire her to be his own woman, but the girl has exquisite tea ceremony skills. But no one can see that tears are still virgins, because this person directly ignored his words, and he himself was on the edge of rage. \”I don\’t know what Mr. Jia means? My girlfriend, I can\’t bear to touch. How can I compare with those dusty women? Please let go of Mr. Jia\’s tears, so Qiu can do nothing, otherwise don\’t blame Qiu for being rude.\” Qiu Feng has stood up. Yu Hong was also very worried when he saw this. He was supposed to ask Qiu Feng, a local snake, about some things, but the little ancestor of the Jia family provoked others first. However, he can\’t offend them. He doesn\’t say that Jia Ning is the source of Yu Hong\’s drugs, that is, the Jia family and other mysterious families that people look up to, He can\’t flatter at ordinary times. \”Mr. Jia, you\’d better let go first. We all know that tears are boss Qiu\’s girlfriend. Boss Qiu only asks his girlfriend to make tea when there are important guests. Mr. Jia, you like virgins. When you go back to college, my brother will find you something no worse than tears. How many do you want?\” Yu Hong said hurriedly. \”Brother Lei, we\’re here to do business. Can a woman turn back without you?\” Lv Qiang said tightly, and his heart was full of pain. In addition to his high cultivation, Jia Lei was so lecherous and regardless of field and weight. He was really not suitable to be a home owner? Hey, I didn\’t have much to do in J city this time. Let this one follow, but it has become much more complicated! Who let him see the picture? Hey!!! Not to mention LV Qiang, who has been secretly sighing in his heart for a long time, but is extremely delicate in his heart, he said that Jia Lei heard everyone say so. Thinking about Yu Hong\’s commitment, he pinched between Feng lei\’er\’s legs and pushed them away. When Feng tearful was caught off guard, he rushed forward and fell to the ground two steps. His delicate knee knocked on the floor, broke his skin and exuded warm blood. Tearful\’s frightened little face was covered with tears, but he didn\’t dare to make a sound. With Qiu Feng\’s eyes, Dagang hurriedly picked up tearful and quickly stepped out of the office door. Qiu Feng had already recovered his previous face, as if nothing had happened. Yu Hong and LV Qiang praised such a city government. Qiu Feng was not simple, very simple. Jia Lei is like a trivial matter that is no longer common. He doesn\’t care about any of the people here. Except the people who come with him, Yu Hong, the two bosses of J City, is an ordinary person. It is estimated that he got to his current position by relying on a group of subordinates and his black hands. Qiu Feng is a practicing family, but his strength is not very good, At most, the appearance of the third floor the day after tomorrow is not enough for him to put out a finger. However, when he came to J city this time, he insisted on coming. Only because he saw grandpa holding that picture in his study at that time, he would not come to this bitter and cold place. However, the girl in that picture is really a top grade! No matter how Jia Lei himself stayed YY there, someone here has broken the peace. \”I don\’t know what exactly Mr. Jia and Mr. LV are looking for Qiu?\” Qiu Feng asked for the second time with a smile. He had no patience to play with them. Just now he shouldn\’t let tears come in to entertain them, but the genius of the Jia family is really unbearable! \”Lv Qiang took over the file bag handed over, took out a few pages of information and two photos from it, and handed it to Qiu Feng. Qiu Feng took over the stack without expression. The first thing that came into sight was the photo of Xin Yu. With a twist of his hand, the following photo also revealed, \’Oh? It\’s them -\’ Chapter 107 Qiu Feng\’s guests (2) When Qiu Feng saw the two people in the photo, he was surprised that they were the young men and women he met some time ago. The young man\’s martial arts were not low. He couldn\’t see the specific level clearly. I think it should be very powerful. But why do these people have their information? Looking at Qiu Feng\’s puzzled eyes, LV Qiang smiled and said, \”boss Qiu, these two people, I don\’t know if you know?\”

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