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Aunt, what are these? How did you carry them back when they were so heavy? Li Chengcai roughly estimated that they were almost 100 kilograms. How did you carry them back like this.

Jane Xi heard their dialogue clearly, but what does it have to do with her? What happened in those years did cause her a lot of trouble, but what about it? Over the past ten years, her body in her previous life has turned into a handful of gray ashes in the urn. Is it still meaningful to care about these? At this time, she had talked with the two girls who said goodbye to her parents and ignored the family not far away. \”Jane Xi, you\’re really good. My father and my mother have to come by themselves. I said they can come by themselves, but they don\’t listen. You said my house is a few steps away. As for sending me, it\’s not that they can\’t find it or it\’s not in the middle of the night. They can\’t help me answer the questions even if they stand outside the examination room. No? Alas, they don\’t listen to any advice. It\’s still two hours All the people are here. Admire and envy you! \”Said a short, fat girl in a rough voice. \”No, neither is my family. My father doesn\’t have time at work, but my mother has to follow me and say she\’s cheering me up outside the examination room, but the more she does, the more nervous I become. Hey! I\’m afraid I\’ll fail the exam and see her disappointed but forbearing eyes. She might as well not come. It\’s better for me to relax and I envy you! Jane, you\’re so energetic.\” Another skinny girl, about 1.68 meters, pushed. Because she was nervous, the sweat soaked at the tip of her nose, the glasses that slipped straight down, and the hands that kept clenching showed her nervousness. Not far away, a middle-aged woman wearing glasses who was very similar to her was looking up at them. Jian Xi said with a smile: \”Well, don\’t blame them. They are too concerned about them. However, they are just a little hard. Don\’t be nervous. In fact, our class can achieve almost 100% of the usual results. Your results rank high in the class. What else to worry about? We just have to try our best. It\’s just our usual simulation test. There\’s no need to worry about it We should keep the school\’s propaganda slogans in mind. Hehe, it\’s all right. It\’s said that after the exam, our class will organize the last field trip. Think about where we\’ll go? What should we bring to eat and play? Will we also live in tents and light bonfires? Will we look forward to it more? As long as we finish the exam for these two days, birds will fly that day. Here we are Make a good plan for the past three months. \” Chapter 216 college entrance examination (2) Jane Xi\’s topic of field play after the exam immediately attracted the attention of the two girls and began to chirp about where to play well. Later, another girl and the only two boys joined in. No one mentioned the exam again, but hotly discussed the field play a few days later, even the thin one wearing glasses The girl also loosened her little fist, and her state gradually became normal. Jane Xi made the same idea as him, while observing their situation. After watching the more or less nervous people completely relax, she breathed a sigh. She didn\’t want to look at the excellent ones, who made mistakes because of tension, leaving regret, although not for life However, for Chinese people who attach so much importance to the college entrance examination, the blow must be not small. \”My family has a complete set of field survival equipment, including tents and walking sticks. My father loves hiking! I\’ll take all his sets of mountaineering. You say that the No. 50 people in our class will go camping together, tents are connected with tents, and make a bonfire in the evening, eat barbecue and sing songs. How beautiful! Tut Tut, think about it and look forward to it!\” The boy, who was one meter nine and thin like a bamboo pole, said longingly with stars in his eyes. \”Such a picnic! It\’s only when there are many people. At that time, we\’ll prepare more barbecue racks and marinate the meat at home. It\’s convenient to take it and bake it at that time.\” the fat girl said with a smile. \”Hey! You just want to eat. I think there should be water in the place we\’re looking for. At that time, let\’s get our swimsuits ready and drift at that time! Swimming or something is so good!\” \”I say! The most fun is about three days, but two days are still too few,\” said another dark and strong boy about one meter 75. That\’s it. You talk to me. I know this is outside the examination room of the college entrance examination. I don\’t know. I thought it was the class meeting of the class, and it was the class meeting where the students spoke enthusiastically. Many college entrance examination students from other classes and schools nearby looked at these people with different eyes. Their words were heard by the students and parents nearby. Parents can\’t help frowning. \”When is this time? I\’m still talking about this. These children must be ignorant and incompetent at ordinary times. They don\’t take the college entrance examination seriously.\”. \”Which school did you say that before the exam?\”. \”They are from No. 1 middle school. I know the girl. Her name is Jane Xi. It turned out that she was from our Guangfu middle school in junior high school. She is a celebrity in our school, \”a boy said to several students nearby. \”No! I\’m also from Guangfu middle school. I know this girl. She should be one year younger than us. How can we take the college entrance examination with us?\” \”As soon as you say it, I remember. I won\’t skip the grade, but it\’s not impossible to think about it. She was always the first in the whole school in junior high school. She can also play the electronic piano and sing. Great! Admire! I found that I\’ve fallen in love with her.\” the boy said before. \”You can save it. I don\’t think you deserve it. If you\’re still such a fairy beauty, you\’d better go home and look in the mirror. Don\’t be so confident first!\” a girl nearby disdained and said, \”don\’t scare me, a man like you!\” the man immediately quit and shouted. \”I said don\’t talk. You didn\’t see that the parents just talked about the picnic. Now they talk about us again. Keep your voice down and don\’t arouse public anger!\” another girl said in a low voice. \”Cut, I\’m afraid of them. I have to be like them. Just make my children nervous? Fortunately, I kicked my father out,\” said the active boy before, but his voice dropped and stopped being so publicized.

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