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Your classmate is really good. Miss Yu, but you should have a good relationship with others.

The relationship between Qianji Pavilion and haoyimen was ok, but today there was an elder who couldn\’t carry it clearly. He was not angry in his heart. Unexpectedly, he also joined the cynicism of those sects. Wei Tong shook his head secretly and sighed in his heart, how did Qianji Pavilion send this ancient Yanpeng out? The ancient elder has never done enough. A man who is more than a loser can only do bad things. It was also because of the attitude of Gu Yanpeng of Qianji pavilion that many people who were ready to join Qianji Pavilion changed their ways temporarily. After a long time, Qianji Pavilion gradually learned about this matter and regretted. How did he listen to this guy\’s vows at that time, so that such a good opportunity to receive excellent disciples was not grasped. At present, there are five talented disciples, four of whom are captured by haoyimen. Such a high probability makes others envy, envy and hate. In fact, what they don\’t know is that when we choose haoyimen, one reason is that haoyimen is a comprehensive sect, which allows disciples to have many choices of practice, Second, it is really because Wei Tong\’s actions along the way are very fair and fair, giving people an excellent impression. Compared with the arrogance and disdain of the other three friars, Wei Tong is more prominent, and it also makes everyone have a better impression of haoyimen. Next, it was the choice of the 13 single root geniuses. Like Cang Xinyu, Yuchi Xingjia, a member of the Yuchi family in Kunyuan, chose Binghan palace. Although Binghan palace is very good at ice system skills and resources, their water system skills are not much worse. The two have the same root. Therefore, it is a wise choice for Yuchi Xingjia to choose Binghan palace. After all, there are too few friars of ice system, Most of the friars in Binghan Palace also have the Linggen qualification of the water system. Because of the restriction of Linggen, there will not be too many disciples in Binghan palace. Although they can\’t compare with Cang Xinyu, they are also rare goods to live in. They will get better resources. Ten people share the same resources, which is completely different from two people, whether it\’s skill or secret script, Master, wait. I have to use it. Wei Chi Xingjia\’s idea is much more mature and clever than Cang Xinyu. Shao Yanyong, now he is called Shao Yanyong again. At first, he was angry and wanted to give up his surname Shao and turn against his father, but later, under the persuasion of Yu Muyang, he no longer insisted on this surname, but he was still like a stranger to his father, which made Shaojie very distressed, but he had no choice. Can the resentment accumulated over the years be eliminated in a short time? The original biased listening and believing, the original turning a blind eye and the original distrust constitute the cause, so he has the bitter fruit he tasted today. Now Shao Yanyong chose haoyimen, and haoyimen welcomed in a talented disciple, who was young and highly malleable. This result once again attracted a lot of jealous eyes. Shaojie\’s eyes darkened when he looked at his son in the crowd. He knew that his son didn\’t want to see him, so he made a decision secretly. Then yuan linya, the 22-year-old yuan family, and Yuan Linzhi, the 16-year-old yuan family, both of them are single Linggen of fire, and both of them have entered the weapon sect. The fire Linggen is very suitable for weapon refining. After discussing for a long time, the sister and brother chose to enter the weapon sect for the most suitable development of their Linggen. In particular, they are still interested in weapon refining, So it all makes sense. The elder Hong qianzu and elder Yan, dressed in purple robes, who came to Qizong this time, were overjoyed. Looking at the two sisters and brothers standing in front of him, they liked it more and more. They made up their mind to go back and cultivate them well. Huo Qingdong, the Huo family in Kunyuan, is only 19 years old. He is a single Linggen of gold. He is thin and has no surprise in his eyebrows and eyes. Standing there is very inconspicuous. From the beginning, when the elders of each sect introduced their sect characteristics, he has decided where to go. Since childhood, he has been very independent and chose to enter Qinghong building without asking anyone\’s opinions, Chose the killer, a very promising career. Huo Lailiang, the leader of the Huo family, really hates iron but not steel. He doesn\’t want his son to be the kind of person who can\’t see light in the future. However, this son has never heard of his grandfather, and even rarely talks to him. His character is very different from his father. I think he has followed his strange mother? Or still resent him for not saving his mother when she was dying? Maybe both? The elder of Qinghong building was also very happy. Then he looked proudly at several other elders around him. Huo Lailiang of Jin Shan Linggen was very suitable for them. He looked around contemptuously, and then looked at Huo Qingdong with a cold face. He was in a good mood, but he was not much interested by the disciple\’s expression for no reason. This made him feel a little unhappy, but then the fleeting expression was perfectly covered up by him. Although the blind disciple had good qualifications, it was really annoying to see the elder and owe him gifts. When he got back, he had to teach him well to save the elders around him from reading jokes. Among all the disciples, only Huo Qingdong didn\’t salute the elders of our school. He was extremely rude. The people of the nearby sects watched what such arrogant disciples would be like in the future. This also made Huo Lailiang worried. Isn\’t the child waiting to enter the sect without good fruit? The unhappiness of Jing Hai\’s passing didn\’t fall to the ground. Huo Lailiang looked at it in his eyes and worried that his grandson would not have a good time after entering the Qinghong building. No matter how talented a disciple is, he is still a small monk on the ninth floor of Qi refining less than the foundation period, just like a mole ant. Huo Qingdong\’s performance also made all the earth friars on and off the stage sigh silently. This Huo boy is too ignorant. No matter how talented his disciples are, they are no better than other friars before they grow up. The real genius is to live to the last genius, isn\’t it? Chapter 322 whereabouts of gifted disciples Jian Xinyan and Fang Qinglian of the Fang family are both single water spirit roots. Instead of choosing Binghan palace, they both chose Xuannv palace. Their grandparents and grandchildren also have care in Xuannv palace, so that Jian Dongjian and Fang Ruoyu can rest assured of their daughter. Jian Xinyan and Fang Qinglian, who has recovered into a middle-aged and beautiful woman, came to the Xuannv palace elder. Although Kang Yun and AI Jia looked very young, they couldn\’t verify their actual age. When they came near, they gave a deep salute, got up and retreated behind them with the permission of the two nodding. Both Xuannv palace and Binghan Palace are marked by white clothes. Only one stop there has given people a feeling of being immortal, and their appearance is excellent. Now, behind the two beautiful elders, there are two women with different clothes but also very beautiful, which is even more different. Qiu Yuling, the 32 year old granddaughter of Qiu Yuliang, the leader of Qianren sect in Kunyuan, also chose Xuannv palace because of her excellent qualification of single fire spirit root. She didn\’t like refining weapons, but she didn\’t want to mix with a group of male disciples, so she chose Xuannv palace full of women. This choice also sacrificed something, that is, she always liked red clothes, However, looking at the clothes of Xuannv palace, the immortal is very immortal, but it is not his favorite color. Since he wants to get some things, he is bound to give up some things, so he bit his teeth and Qiu Yuling chose Xuannv palace. But there is a small thing to say, that is, Qiu Yuliang and Qiu Yuling. How can the words in the middle of this pair of grandparents and grandchildren be all rain? This also means that Qiu Yuliang dotes on his granddaughter. The Qiu family doesn\’t name any words to commit, but one day when Qiu Yuling was 11 years old, he suddenly felt that his grandfather\’s name was really pleasant to hear. \”Autumn Yuliang\” was so artistic that it sounded much better than her name Qiu Yuling, so he had to change his name, At first, Qiu Yuliang would not agree anyway. However, the little girl used all her tricks and finally overwhelmed his granddaughter\’s grandfather. She changed her name, which is now Qiu Yuling. It makes the names of grandparents and grandchildren look nondescript, but as long as the granddaughter is happy, even if it depends on her, it\’s only one name.

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