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In his impression, Li Siyu usually does nothing. Zhang Chaoyue also dislikes it. After all, he won\’t do housework and how to live in the future.

And she just mentioned that she has a brother Jane\’s eyes brightened with the more she looked. All along, she thought Yu Shanshan had fallen. Yu Han had no chance to finish what he told him. Now, she has fulfilled a wish, and she is a little excited. But the situation at the scene was not as good as Jane Xi\’s mood. \”Yu Daoyou, I just really didn\’t mean it, and I can\’t repair it completely. Can\’t you let me go?\” Gao Shuang\’s pathetic voice rang again, and tears flowed out one by one, attracting people\’s love. Another man in black showed a trace of impatience in his eyes and said, \”this is a Taoist friend. You should forgive others. Don\’t push people too hard. Other Taoist friends have already done so. What else do you want? Say, how many spirit stones do you want? I\’ll compensate you. I\’ve never seen a poor man like you who wants money.\”. The man\’s words were full of humiliation. The woman in blue turned red. Her hand holding the Phoenix hairpin trembled slightly, and her hands had begun to accumulate spiritual power. \”Sister Yu, take it easy, and listen to me.\” Jane Xi had drilled out of the crowd, came to Yu Shanshan, gently pulled her, and then whispered in her ear. Yu Shanshan stepped back strangely and vigilantly and looked at Jane Xi suddenly. \”Sister Yu\’s brother\’s name is Yu Han?\” Jane Xi was afraid of Yu Shanshan. She was afraid of her attempt and hurried. \”What? Do you know Xiao Han? Where is he?\” Yu Shanshan suddenly heard the news from her brother, forgot to deliver the sound and shouted out abruptly. \”Sister Yu wants to know more, listen to me, accept their compensation and leave here. I\’m afraid the two male practitioners opposite have extraordinary backgrounds. You are alone and can\’t provoke at will.\” Jane Xi quickly said her intention. Yu Shanshan is also a smart man. She glanced at two men, one is comforting Gao Shuang, who is crying, and the other is staring at Yu Shanshan and glancing at Jane Xi strangely. At this time, Gao Shuang also saw the sudden appearance of Jian Xi. She was very surprised. She didn\’t expect to come to the advanced mainland with all kinds of hardships. She didn\’t expect to meet this woman. Why? She didn\’t follow them? Gao Shuang glanced around Jian Xi again and didn\’t find shangguanbo. A trace of resentment flashed in her eyes. It was this woman who asked Shangguan\’s brother to send her back to the Gao family. He didn\’t dare to enter the Gao family\’s door, so he escaped. Then he unexpectedly met an obscene old man who said that as long as he followed him, he could get himself to the high-level mainland, There are plenty of handsome men and beautiful women here. As long as she follows him for three years, she can reach a deal, so she agreed. But here, the old man with frightening cultivation was killed by his enemy. At that time, he didn\’t go out in the cave. The old man came back with his injury and asked her to buy him seven pills. At that time, he thought and thought, so he risked not to buy him. He just came back outside until he died of his injury and took the old man\’s ring, She burned her body and found out his kung fu in a twinkling of an eye. The old man was actually a demon practitioner, so she converted to that Kung Fu and her accomplishments rose rapidly. No, not long ago, she had succeeded in condensing her baby. Now she is alone. The monks here are much better than those in Renhua mainland, and the level of monks is not comparable to that in Renhua mainland. Chapter 472 two silly birds Even shangguanpo can be regarded as a genius here, but the power of shangguanjia is not fart here. I was really short-sighted! Living here, are you afraid you can\’t find a golden turtle son-in-law? Today, I wandered around the square market without doing anything. I accidentally saw this beautiful woman. In addition to her face that made her jealous, the Phoenix hairpin on her head was also brilliant and flexible, just like a real shrinking water blue phoenix spreading its wings to fly. So she wanted to refuse to have it, but she didn\’t want to spend so many spirit stones, so she came forward to chat up. With her harmless face, she soon won Yu Shanshan\’s trust. She took off the Phoenix hairpin and lent it to her to watch. Who knew that she couldn\’t get it back.

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