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The little girls sitting next to Li Siyu began to vomit one by one.

Suddenly, Yuanying seemed to be the same as a real person. At this time, she sat cross legged in Jian Xi\’s sea of knowledge, constantly breathing in and out the crazy influx of aura. With her continuous breathing in and out, her body became clearer and brighter. The whole Yuanying sat in her sea of knowledge, which was a reduced version of Jian Xi. When Jane Xi opened her eyes, there was no time to do anything else. She looked inside for the first time. There was nothing else in Dantian except her green moon and the chaotic furnace that had been earned before. When she looked at the sea again, she sat Jane Xi\’s Yuanying upright. At this time, Yuanying is very different from the previous Yuanying. If Yuanying was just a string puppet, Yuanying now has both form and spirit. Jian Xi is relieved. She has really reached the stage of becoming a God, that is to say, from now on, Wanyi really falls one day, as long as she has a treasure like soul tree that can survive, Then she won\’t really die. She can also find a chance to give up and be reborn. Like Grandpa, she has an extra life now. After letting go of her heart, Jane Xi opened her eyes again and noticed that there were still spirit stones around her. There was a layer of impurity ash left after the spirit stones were exhausted on the carpet. The aura in the room was very thin now. Although the spirit spring was still gurgling, Jane Xi found that the aura in it was also rare and pitiful, It seems that it will take some time to fully recover here. After several dust cleaning formulas, the room was as clean as before. At this time, Jian Xi noticed that there was a layer of light gray dirt on his body, which was upgraded and turned into God, and impurities would be discharged from his body. It seems that he had to eliminate impurities all the way through the promotion! After giving himself a dust cleaning formula, he always felt that something was missing, so he flashed into Xiyuan star and directly came to his Xiyuan Pavilion. Even if he saw Jiannan, who was still studying boulders in the backyard and Zhang Rong, who was sitting under the chaotic tree, did not stop, he rushed into the bathroom and opened the shower to wash. When she wiped her hair half dry and left the bathroom in her bathrobe, she relaxed and fell on her big bed. Smelling the fragrance on the quilt, Jane felt that her heart was going to be drunk. Finally, the Jin stage has reached the stage of transforming God, followed by the stage of combination, robbery and Mahayana. There are three major stages, including the four stages of transforming God she has just entered. She can get there. The road is really long! But anyway, I\’m slowly approaching. Jane Xi thought carefully at this time and knew that she was really dissatisfied. She was only 25 years old this year. When she calculated the days, she found that there were five days left to be the lunar year on earth. Of course, the days here were not so calculated, but Jane Xi always calculated according to the perpetual calendar she put on Xiyuan Pavilion. Five days later, it was the 30th of the twelfth lunar month and the new year began again, It is the first day of the lunar new year on earth in 2022. On xuanqiu star, she never had the Spring Festival. It passed unconsciously. This time, she remembered the Spring Festival for the first time. God\’s knowledge swept the place where Xinyu practiced. Although it was dark now, she still saw that several people were not closed. This makes Jane Xi very happy, but after looking at her current state, the urgency is not for the moment. Relax yourself first, and then go and have a look. Holding the quilt, Jane Xi fell asleep with a smile. She was promoted. Her relatives and friends were around her. It was the Spring Festival for four days. All these made her happy and relaxed. After sleeping for more than four hours, Jane Xi opened her eyes and looked at the picturesque early morning outside the window. The breeze blew the gauze in front of the window and swayed slightly. The singing of birds made Jane Xi feel that it was the sound of nature. When she came to the window and opened the window screen, she looked out. A layer of cold fog in the morning shrouded the mountains, rivers and trees in the distance, and decorated it beautifully. It\’s all her own. It really belongs to her. It\’s so beautiful! Jane took a deep breath of fresh and incomparable air, washed and rinsed with a brisk pace, and changed into a white robe and a black waterfall like straight hair. She just tied a sky blue forging belt behind her and tied a sky blue belt around her waist. As soon as he dodged, the man had appeared in the backyard. Jian Nan was awakened at the same time. He saw Jian Xi standing in front of him with a smile. Two seconds later, he said in surprise: \”Xi\’er, you have reached the rank?\” After seeing Jane Xi nodding with a smile, he murmured: \”Xi\’er, it\’s really good. You\’re only 25 years old. You\’ve reached the rank of God. Your strength is no worse than that boy of Han Xing! My granddaughter is no worse than anyone!\” Jane Nan said more and more proud and happier. \”This is the happiest thing in my old Jane\’s family. I really have to celebrate.\” Jane Nan also forgot that he was still studying the array. In his heart, his granddaughter is much more important than that array. After great changes, Jane Nan cherishes his relatives more. \”There\’s no need to celebrate alone. Four days later, it\’s the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month, and then the Spring Festival. We all want to spend the Spring Festival together. This is the first time I\’ve come to xuanqiu star for the Spring Festival. We must do it. It happens that there are so many people here. Hehe, Grandpa, what do you say?\” Jane Xi said with a smile. \”OK! I have no problem, but you need to ask your grandparents. I\’ll wait for you here,\” said Jane Nan with a smile, and her young face is shining. \”OK, I\’ll go now.\” as soon as Jane Xi turned around, her hair and the above forged belt floated in an arc, and her skirt flew in the air. In the twinkling of an eye, she had already flown into the sky and away to the distance.

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