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Our children are called by the old man. That\’s not the name on the Hukou book. Let the old man call whatever he likes.

Regardless of these, if the poison powder knows the source, it is not difficult to detoxify. Jian Xi put Li Zhiyu on the futon. She sat behind him with her hands on his back. Start detoxifying him. Li Zhiyu is also a monk in Mahayana, but he has reached the later stage of Mahayana, and Jian Xi is the early stage of Mahayana. The time of detoxification is not long, only about an hour. He had cleaned up all the toxins in Li Zhiyu\’s body. Then he untied the fairy rope and waited for Li Zhiyu to wake up. After a while, Li Zhiyu really opened his eyes. Jane saw that her eyes were clear at this time. No longer dull before. She knew it was a success. \”Master, you wake up,\” said Jane Xi, sitting opposite him. \”Disciple, disciple, you are finally back.\” Li Zhiyu was a little excited when he saw Jane Xi. Even when he saw Ziyuan, he became angry and made a move in the emptiness of his right hand. Ziyuan\’s body flew uncontrollably to Li Zhiyu, and his delicate neck was held in the palm of his hand. Ziyuan\’s face turned red when she was pinched, and she had awakened. She subconsciously wanted to run the spiritual power, but she found that she had been imprisoned, and there was a panic on her face. \”Master, don\’t kill her first\” cried Jane Xi. She still has something to ask her. You can\’t let the master strangle her at once! \”Xi\’er, if you hadn\’t come today, Shifu would be ashamed! I was cheated by this bitch and beat your senior brothers and sisters seriously. Although I am conscious, I can\’t control my body. I am really in vain as a monk in Mahayana and your master.\” Li Zhiyu looked regretful and remorse. \”Master, don\’t say that first. I\’m afraid this woman didn\’t have any good intentions when she entered the sect from the beginning. It took her so many years to get close to you. It\’s estimated that she is also afraid of causing human life. The sect leader and other elders will see the clue. Otherwise, I think the senior brothers and sisters have already died?\” Jane Xi is very smart and moved her mind a little, Then she understood why Ziyuan didn\’t use Li Zhiyu to kill her senior brothers and sisters directly. When she said these words, Jane Xi also looked at Ziyuan faintly. Ziyuan\’s eyes twinkled. \”Come on, why have you been trying to get close to me? Oh! It should be said that you plotted against me? If you failed, you hurt my master and senior brothers and sisters? I\’m curious. You came from the lower continent with me. I haven\’t seen you before. Why have you been targeting me like this?\” this is what Jane Xi has been wondering and doesn\’t understand. When Ziyuan heard these words, she suddenly raised her head, looked at Jian Xi\’s eyes, complex and resentful, and said coldly with a smile: \”you are not strangers. Ha ha, do you know who I am?\” \”Who?\” Jane Xi carefully looked again at this lovely face, but now it is not pleasant because it is distorted. Ziyuan was let down by Li Zhiyu. She twisted her neck indifferently. She had no spiritual power on her body and her limbs were tied with fairy ropes. Therefore, she just knelt on the ground and smiled like poppy. \”My real name is Gao Shuang. I\’m from the high family in Renhua mainland. I\’m a common daughter of the high family. I was about to become the wife of the future owner of the Shangguan family. I married the handsome little Lord Shangguan Bo, but Shangguan Bo drove me back to the high family because of your presence. I didn\’t dare to go home. I went back to the Gao family. Without the aura of the young master\’s wife of the Shangguan family, the Gao family would not spare me, so I found a chance to escape and did a casual practice. As a weak woman, I survived through hardships in the low-level mainland alone. I didn\’t have the opportunity to go to the high-level mainland with him until I met the old immortal, but I didn\’t get there long ago, I met you again, and you turned me into a helpless nun, but hahaha, you can\’t imagine! I actually met my own chance. I learned a face changing technique, which can change my face and voice, and completely become another person. No matter how high my accomplishments are, I won\’t see it. This is a secret skill in ancient times. It is different from changing looks and magic. It really turns this face into another face, and no one will recognize me. Hahaha, so I tried my best to return to the low-level mainland and participate in the assessment of xuantianzong\’s disciples in the low-level mainland, because I know that you will participate and will be selected, I came to xuantianzong just for you to cherish \”Ziyuan, oh no! At this time, it should be called Gao Shuang. Her eyes have been staring at Jane Xi, hoping to see some amazing expression on her face, but she is destined to be disappointed. Jane Xi just looks at her so faintly. Although she is also surprised, it turns out that Ziyuan is Gao Shuang and the two live in the same person for so long, she has not found it at all, What kind of secret art is this! It\’s better than Korean cosmetic surgery X! Gao Shuang didn\’t see anything on Jane Xi\’s face. She was disappointed, but even after adjustment, after so much experience, her psychological quality had already been strong. \”I didn\’t expect that you didn\’t like me from the beginning, didn\’t approach me, avoided me, and entered the sect, you became a core disciple, but I only entered the inner gate. There was a big gap, so I found all kinds of excuses to approach you, but I didn\’t succeed. In the gate, you also lived in seclusion and were friends with your fellow senior brothers and sisters and several others, What else is there like Luo Qiong? It\’s just a few people. It\’s not easy to rely on others to get close to you.

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