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Li Siyu walked quickly all the way behind him, wondering what the meeting was.

Fang Yang: \”the name of martial arts kept spitting out from the old man\’s throat. The power of soul with gorgeous light kept hitting Fang Yang\’s body. But after playing for a long time, Fang Yang still had nothing. On the contrary, the old man released too many martial arts. At this time, the whole man was panting on his legs. He was originally an extremely transparent soul, At this time, it is more transparent. \”Boy, if you take my move, I don\’t believe you\’re still alive.\” after taking a few breaths, the old man straightened up, looked at Fang Yang, drank, and his hands trembled: \”the eight wasteland cracks!\” \”Oh, I wipe, why do you hit me.\” \”don\’t hit the face, don\’t hit the face.\” \”I said your boy hid his cultivation. Oh, it hurts.\” just before the old man finished his words, Fang Yang finally moved. Fang Yang couldn\’t stand it any more. He stepped forward a few steps and walked in front of the old man. It was a fist that directly knocked the old man down. Then Fang Yang was a little impolite. He went up and punched and kicked. The old man lay on the ground and kept crying for half an hour. After that, Fang Yang sat on the ground with his legs cocked, Looking at the old man who was already black and blue in front of him, he said faintly: \”name.\” the old man said: \”. Fang Yang\’s face was fierce:\” I ask you something! \”\” Duan Ling \”the old man lowered his head and said slowly. \”Age.\” Fang Yang asked softly. \”I was 732 years old when I was still alive. I don\’t know now.\” the old man shook his head. \”Cultivation.\” \”Chu Yang state\” the old man said slowly, but after saying that, the old man frowned and showed a trace of embarrassment: \”I don\’t know now.\” he nodded, and Fang Yang slowly said, \”well, I see.\” \”do you hide cultivation.\” the old man raised his head, carefully looked at Fang Yang and asked softly. \”Hide you big head ghost.\” glancing at the old man, Fang Yang said coldly.

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