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When Wang Ye arrived at Li Siyu\’s house with tools and wires, it was already more than 5 p.m.

In the Hunyuan mansion, there may be many martial artists who can improve their physique, but there are few who can compare with the Jinshan gate. The golden light in his eyes becomes more and more fierce. He stares at Fang Yang. Fang Yang feels cold all over and seems unable to stop the prying of his soul power. \”Pure Yang Xuanqi? Are you the true person of pure Yang?\” Jin Fengrui said in surprise, \”no, there are some differences.\” He frowned and said in a cold voice, \”no matter who you are, those who dare to provoke me in Jinshan gate are only dead!\” Jinshan summit! As like as two peas in Tieshan, the golden eagle is the same as the one in the same way. But the power of the two people can be different from the sky. The Golden Shadow of Jinshan\’s palm is almost completely solid, and it has almost felt completely strong. It has been felt so strong that the sun is shining. ! boom! The two mysterious Qi collided violently. Fang Yang groaned, and his body retreated. He felt that the skeleton of his whole body was creaking and trembling. It seemed that he couldn\’t bear it and was about to fall apart. His eyes showed surprise: \”what a strong power!\” Jin Fengrui\’s palm was at least five times thicker than that of tieshantong. Fang Yang almost couldn\’t resist it. He couldn\’t help biting his teeth: \”This man\’s cultivation is very strong. It seems that it\’s difficult to fight without using immortal sword and building bone and gold body.\” Jin Fengrui is clearly the peak cultivation of concentration realm, but in Fang Yang\’s eyes, it\’s more difficult to deal with than ordinary empty and dark realm! \”It\’s really different. No wonder iron mountain will lose in your hand.\” Jin Fengrui\’s face is flat, \”But if you have this strength, you will still die today!\” As soon as he stepped on his feet, his breath changed and turned into a hundred feet high mountain, pressing directly against Fang Yang. Before he took action, his momentum had been accumulated to the top. Fang Yang\’s eyes were frozen, and his mind was locked on the nine palace sword in the storage ring and was ready to use it at any time. He was in a very awkward situation now. Without using the seal method and sword technique, it was difficult to rely on his pure Yang Xuanqi alone He can\’t beat Jin Fengrui 100%. But if he uses these two methods, his identity will be exposed instantly. Hunyuan city is a dragon\’s pool and tiger\’s den. Once Fang Yang\’s identity is exposed, he will have to deal with at least hundreds of Kongming martial artists. This time is different from that in Zhenshui city. Even if he is given three biyunxiao falling knives, it will be difficult to turn over any waves, especially his hands There is no small shift character in.

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