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Li Siyu sneered in his heart. It was really Hao Jianhong\’s business! What the hell does this woman want?

\”Fang Yang and his party should have entered the bone tooth mountains.\” Ma Shengmu interrupted. A hint of ponder appeared on his face: \”it\’s interesting. I\’m also curious about this Fang Yang. I\’ve wanted to see him for a long time. I read that Sheng zongyou had a disciple, but he also died in his hands.\” Tai Wuji is tall and powerful, with muscles bulging on his bare arms. When he heard the speech, he sneered: \”he\’s just a bounty figure. I\’ll tear it up if I meet him.\” Wang Qiushui glanced indifferently and said nothing. \”Fang Yang enters the Guya mountains? What\’s the matter with him?\” asked Xiao Changsheng. Tai Wuji said with a smile, \”what else can it be? I must think my reward is too attractive and I\’m afraid of being chased. I came here to hide. It seems that Fang Yang doesn\’t have much courage.\” \”who knows, since Fang Yang has attracted so many people, there will be a disaster in the bone tooth mountains. Isn\’t that boy a natural disaster star?\” Xu Lao said. \”Hum, since he came to the bone tooth mountain just in time! There are so many people on our trip. Once we meet this boy, we must let him go somewhere else!\” Xiao Changsheng clenched his fist and killed him. Ma Shengmu gave him a cross look: \”don\’t we have serious things to do this time?\” \”nothing is more important than killing Fang Yang!\” Li Beishen roared. Tai Wuji also smiled calmly and said, \”if this boy meets him, he will kill him without delaying his kung fu.\” Xu Lao also brightened his eyes and asked Xiao Changsheng, \”however, if you kill Fang Yang here, the Tianmai pill reward of the leader of Xiao Pavilion still counts?\” \”count!\” Xiao Changsheng replied. \”Ha ha, OK! Well, let\’s join the black tooth group. Then we\’ll compare who can kill Fang Yang first.\” Xu Lao laughed happily. One side impatiently, Yu Qiufeng also looked vaguely excited when she heard \”Tianmai pill\”. Tianmai pill is too tempting for martial artists in the later stage of the empty and dark realm. After all, it is difficult to break through the early Yang realm and ascend to the sky. Tianmai pill is equivalent to the existence of a ladder to ascend the sky. No one can refuse. \”There is also a reward of 100 million yuan, which is a large amount. While we work together in the bone tooth mountains, we all rely on our ability to kill that Yang.\” Tai Wuji hugged his arms. Li Bei is cold and will kill with a sword. Wang Qiu is indifferent on the water. It\’s none of his business. Xiao Changsheng clenched his fist and whispered, \”Fang Yang, wait for me!\”

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