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He just wanted to be embarrassed and asked for rice with hope. He didn\’t expect that she really had it.

Shuiqianrou sat cross legged, and a stream of steam came out all over her body, which was the result of her own rapid evaporation of water vapor. With the help of Fangyang pure Yang Xuanqi, she finally suppressed the accumulation of Xuanqi around her, and quickly sent out excess water vapor in her body. However, in a few minutes, as much as one-third of the water vapor in Shui qianrou\’s body has been discharged. As long as another one-third is discharged, she will be fine. At this critical moment, Fang Yang and Shui qianrou can\’t make any rash moves. But just then, in the quiet hall, suddenly a black smoke came out, and then a black figure came out from the entrance. Fang Yang\’s soul power has been observing all around. When he felt this special breath, he was surprised and his eyes immediately swept away. A man covered in black, with a cold face, looked around when he entered the hall, and then when he saw Fang Yang, his face obviously showed a happy look. \”Sure enough, it\’s here! It seems that I haven\’t lost it before!\” the man said happily. Fang Yang\’s expression suddenly sank. He had recognized this person\’s identity. It was one of the two men in black who followed Xiao Changsheng, the elder of the death Pavilion. The elders of the death pavilion are experts who are good at attacking and killing. It seems that when they are fighting with the big demon statue, they are unconsciously discovered by the elder of the death Pavilion, but he has been afraid to chase too deep and followed in after so long. The most dangerous thing is that he rushed in at this time! Now Fang Yang has swallowed too many five yuan genuine elixirs, and the mysterious Qi in his body flows endlessly. Once he stops transporting to shuiqianrou\’s body, what will happen to shuiqianrou? Let\’s not say, Fang Yang\’s pure Yang mysterious Qi can\’t be released, and he will be eaten by too many pure Yang mysterious Qi, which will hurt the strength of the inner government at least, Needless to say, the elder of the death pavilion was surprised to see Fang Yang and Shui qianrou together. He didn\’t dare to move forward, but after a while, he found that Shui qianrou didn\’t mean to get up. His eyes lit up and laughed: \”Hahaha, it seems that I\’m very lucky. Although I don\’t know what\’s the matter with you two, I\’m sure you can\’t do it now? Just in time! Kill Fang Yang first, and then kill the master of Shuiyue mountain, so that everything on you two will be mine!\” When he read this, he looked very happy. Instead of wasting this once-in-a-lifetime time, he rushed up directly. A dark light appeared between the hands of the elder of the death Pavilion, turned into a dark short dagger, and stabbed Fang Yang\’s back. Fang Yang\’s face was cold, the dark Qi in his body turned, and a stream of pure Yang\’s dark Qi rushed directly into his whole body\’s meridians. Fang Yang\’s red and golden light flashed and formed a protective vigorous Qi on his back. Bang! The short dagger stabbed on the protective vigorous. Fang Yang\’s body just trembled and resisted the attack. \”Still want to struggle? I think you can resist it several times.\” The elder of the death Pavilion smiled darkly and stabbed down one after another with a short dagger. With a series of chiseling blows, Fang Yang held his body and said nothing. He stepped up the mysterious urge. In five minutes, at most, he can get rid of the current situation. At that time, even if the elder of the death pavilion has the strength in the later stage of the empty and dark world, it is very easy for Fang Yang to kill him! But that\’s it Just five minutes is the most difficult time.

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