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He raised his hand and looked at the time, then continued, go to the conference room later.

With Zhao Zhen\’s words, Fang Yang\’s situation on miaohuofeng has also changed greatly. Zhang he is frightened and afraid to go to Fang Yang\’s trouble for the time being. Even elder Jiao Rui, who has always been cold-blooded, comes to the door in person, smiles on his hard face and gets close to Fang Yang. Maybe he knows that Fang Yang can be valued by elder Zhao Zhen and must have a bright future. His style is like this On the second day, a disciple came to Fang Yang. \”You are the Yang Huo who swallowed the pure Yang Bodhi?\” the one who came to Fang Yang was a dry faced middle-aged man with a pedantic air. \”My name is Zhang Chengfeng and I am one of the core disciples of the master.\” Fang Yang observed that this person\’s cultivation of Xuanqi is extremely profound, and his attainments of Chunyang Xuanqi must be not shallow. Although it is worse than Fang Yang who swallowed Chunyang Bodhi, it should be not much different in terms of level. Since he can become a core disciple, he is naturally not an ordinary person. There are few disciples in Chunyang Zhenzong, but he can be attracted by the elders of inner mountain and then join No doubt all the people who live in the core positions are above the early Yang state. Zhang Chengfeng has been a beginner for 200 years, so he has the current cultivation. He seems to have a prejudice against Yang and freeze his face: \”you still need to know yourself clearly. Although several pills you refine are favored by the master, if you want to become a disciple of the master, you think too much.\” Zhang Chengfeng said this when he opened his mouth, which made Fang Yang feel a lot colder: \”elder Zhao Zhen asked you to preach?\” \”hum, you don\’t listen to advice and it\’s useless.\” seeing Fang Yang\’s attitude, Zhang Chengfeng\’s face sank and his sour Confucian spirit was heavier, \”I\’m too lazy to spend more time with young people like you. Come with me.\” He turned and went out of the mountain. Fang Yang threw his mouth and followed him. Not long ago, they came directly to a small peak near Chunyang peak. This peak is quite close to Chunyang peak, a little lower than the main five peaks. It has beautiful scenery and the power of Fang Yang\’s soul is swept away. There is no less mysterious gas here than the other five peaks. \”This cave belongs to you in the future. Take care of yourself.\” Zhang Chengfeng left a jade slip and turned to leave. He didn\’t like Fang Yang. Fang Yang didn\’t bother to pay attention to him. He took the jade slip in his hand and scanned it carefully. He found that it was the secret to open the cave. The cave in Chunyang Zhenzong is not the same as the portable cave refined from the real early Yang state. It\’s just a retreat place opened up in the mountains and blessed by the Dharma array. Its It\’s not really a cave. After Fang Yang got familiar with it, he turned on the pure Yang Xuanqi, opened the Dharma array in front of him and entered the mountains. It was like a palace, luxurious, bright and well arranged. There was also a huge cauldron furnace. There was also a trace of earth fire gas between the small peaks. Although it was not as fierce and huge as the Miaohuo peak, it was used for one person Refining pills is enough. \”Any cave in Chunyang Zhenzong has the same level?\” Fang Yang raised his eyebrows. The quality of the cauldron furnace in front of him is good. It is only a little worse than the big cauldron furnace in Jianhe mansion of the ancient cave. \”If it comes, it\’s safe. It\’s just a distance from the formula of Chunyang.\” It\’s a step closer, and it\’s convenient for me to practice without being disturbed in this place. \”Fang Yanggang thought that there was no one to disturb in this place and he could be more stable, but soon the facts proved that he thought too simple. Before he stayed in the cave for half a day, a group of people fell into Fang Yang\’s mind

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