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Did she just knock it?

\”This sword array? Your Xuan Qi has recovered?\” Li Bei was surprised. \”I never said that my Xuan Qi didn\’t recover.\” Fang Yang said, grasping with five fingers. He looked around at more than 60 sword blades, and immediately the hot dark Qi crossed into them. The light flickered and the sword Qi burst out. \”Yang burning sword array!\” Fang Yang shouted, and more than 60 strong edges burst out together, turning into hot yang burning sword Qi and running through the thirteen people in the middle. \”No! Go back!\” Li Bei shouted, but it was too late. Fang Yang pretended to be invincible and entered the cave to bring in these people together and catch them all! \”You\’ve been chasing me long enough. It\’s time to stop.\” Fang Yang said coldly. Everyone was frightened and turned back in a hurry to resist. The dark Qi light flashed. However, under Fang Yang\’s formula of burning Yang Sword, not everyone could resist it safely. Seven of them, who had the lowest cultivation, were instantly penetrated by burning Yang Sword Qi and died. Only Li Bei and two chuyang and Tai Wuji in Wuji mountain sect did not die under the first wave of sword Qi. However, Fang Yang did not wait, and then shot one after another. He drank coldly. The fish sword appeared in the grocery cabinet. The sword moved. The blade in his hand immediately rushed out. Fang Yang\’s two fingers were juxtaposed and parallel fingers were used to resist the sword. The light on the blade was great. \”Purple break!\” the blade of the swimming fish is fast and shadowless. When it flies fast, the blade turns purple, and the sharp edge and sword Qi burst out suddenly. Seeing the purple sword running through, Li Bei\’s face suddenly changed. The purple breaking force was sharp and powerful. Even he had a sense of fighting that was about to be penetrated. He repeatedly danced the silver sword in his hand, and the sound of the bell continued. Under the purple edge, Li Bei several people retreated one after another. \”Bastard! We have five early Yang realms here. Is it not the boy\’s opponent? Form an array! Kill the boy!\” Li Bei said angrily. Immediately, the three people of Shenxiao sword sect took the lead, waved the sword blade in their hands, connected into a piece, occupied the potential of the triangle, and formed a more common Trinity array. Originally, seven people of Shenxiao sword sect formed an array, but four of them had already died. Naturally, they can\’t use the powerful Dharma array such as the Big Dipper seven star sword array, but the three people work together to advance and retreat with a degree, which is quite extraordinary. The three of them moved together, pierced with swords in their hands, blocked up, middle and down, and came through continuously, which also brought some trouble to Fang Yang. In addition, the two Wuji mountain sect\’s early Yang realm just wanted to join the war, but the water qianrou came flying and falling. The vegetable palm beat continuously, and the water vapor was pressing. When they were about to force their bodies back. The two sides fought fiercely, and the dark Qi spread in bursts. Fang Yang\’s fish sword in his left hand and black water sword in his right hand move together. He can see that the two blades of green and black are intertwined and swept out in Fang Yang\’s hand. Because the sword Gang carried on the blade is strong and sharp, the mountain and stone ground around him is ploughed out. Under the repeated battles of one enemy and three, Fang Yang did not lose the slightest advantage. The blade in his hands was like arms and fingers, dripping freely. On the other hand, although Li Bei and his three men formed a trinity sword array, their mind and spirit were united, and they could have a good insight into their own attack ways and assist in blocking moves, it was still difficult to cause much trouble to Fang Yang under the combination of Fang Yang\’s two swords. The sword intention of both sides overflowed, and countless fine lines were drawn on the ground under their feet.

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