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In the afternoon, there was nothing in the office. Zhang Xuewen asked Li Siyu to send the coal supply statement of next month to the textile factory.

With a sharp drink, he rushed out of his fingertips and rushed to the middle-aged man in an instant. The middle-aged man never expected Fang Yang to dare to fight. This is the management building of brother Yimeng, and he is also the staff in the management building. Even if this thing is really wrong, it is at most to accept the punishment, or to be expelled from here. But Fang Yang\’s sword Qi moves, but there is no hesitation. The middle-aged man didn\’t even make any defense. He just felt a flash of green light in front of him, and then his vision hung high. Under the whirling earth, he seemed to vaguely see his body standing in place, but the blood sprayed on his neck. He was already empty and his head was cut off? Pop. The huge head hit the ground heavily. The middle-aged man\’s face looked frightened, but his consciousness had completely disappeared. There was a silence around, and then there was a loud noise. The boy killed someone!! He really dares to kill people in the management building!? Moreover, many people didn\’t see clearly what had happened before. They only saw that the sword Qi on Fang Yang moved, and the man\’s head had been cut off. Liu Yan\’s face was dull. He looked at the dead middle-aged man beside him. After he was stunned, he flew into a rage: \”Damn it! How dare you kill in our management building?!\” there was more surprise in his anger. He was also a martial artist in the later stage of the early Yang state. Fang Yang didn\’t respond to his previous moves, Is it so simple to kill a man? What kind of cultivation is this boy? \”Murder? I didn\’t.\” Fang Yang shrugged. \”I\’m just fulfilling his promise. Everyone heard clearly before. He said he wanted to give me his head.\” did he say so? Oh, he seemed to say so, but he definitely didn\’t mean that. The people around him trembled. On the surface, Fang Yang\’s actions were not at fault. After all, the middle-aged man just said he wanted to behead himself, but it was obviously arrogant and provocative words. How can he take it seriously. It seems that many words kill people. Now it\’s a foregone conclusion. People silently look at the look on the dead man\’s face. I\’m afraid he won\’t understand how he died until he dies. \”You, you\” Liu Yan\’s face is green and white, and he wants to be angry, but it was the words spoken by the man in recent years. There are so many martial artists in this building, In case of his coercion, once it is publicized, it will have a great impact on the brotherhood. At the thought of this, his teeth itched, but he couldn\’t say anything. He whispered for a while and shook his sleeves angrily: \”you, you\’re fine! I remember you!!\” with the roar, he seemed too lazy to take care of the affairs here. He turned his head and went to the top of the pavilion, too lazy to ask again.

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