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Tao Dan quickly helped Li Siyu pick up the table and brush the dishes to show his apology.

Fang Yang frowned slightly and the nine palace sword resisted. Dang! A crisp sound. When Fang Yang\’s nine palace sword was in front contact with the same water sword, a concussion force surged. Fang Yang\’s body trembled and quickly ran Xuanqi to stabilize. \”What a powerful force! And the water vapor splashed between the blades is like a needle. It\’s really troublesome.\” Fang Yang saw the mystery on the water sword at a glance. He didn\’t hesitate at once. The pure Yang Xuan Qi in his body moved and just came out of the Yang. When he glanced away, Fang Yang\’s whole body was like a burning fire. His momentum was fierce. \”I\’d like to see if it\’s your strong water flow or my strong pure Yang Xuan Qi!\” even if facing Zhao Minghu, Fang Yang is happy and not afraid. Stepping on the fire burning step, he quickly rushed to Zhao Minghu\’s body. The pure Yang Xuan Qi surged all over him, crossed over the long sword in his hand, watched the sword explode and stabbed one after another. At this time, with the help of pure Yang and Xuanqi, the water body of Zhao Minghu was not safe. He was also furious, and the water on his body condensed all things and went away. Both Fang Yang and Zhao Minghu showed their strength and looked at the light and shadow flashing all over the sky, filled with mysterious Qi and fierce momentum. Fang Yang, who was in the war, didn\’t feel anything, but the people on Pingdingshan turned white one by one. \”Hiss, it\’s so powerful. The afterwave is so strong. If I were in this battle at this time, I\’m afraid the afterwave of the two people would be able to tear my flesh.\” \”more than that, the Xuanqi used by the two of them is different from water and fire. It\’s even more powerful.\” \”Is this the strength of the experts at the top of the Dragon list? Zhao Minghu deserves to be famous for a long time.\” \”this one named Fang Yang is powerful! He is the first person against the enemy today. I\’m afraid we\’ll witness a big event today.\” \”yes, his name hasn\’t appeared on the Dragon list yet.\” The crowd was noisy, sometimes excited and sometimes frightened. They looked at the fierce battle ahead. Fang Yang and Zhao Minghu were equal. If they fought according to this state, I\’m afraid it would be difficult to tell what would win or lose in a short time. However, this situation was something they didn\’t want to see. Especially Zhao Minghu was so angry at this time \”This hateful boy is so difficult to deal with!! I have been in this nether passage for a hundred years, and I have the status today. How can I pollute it in your hands!! you forced me, and now I\’ll let you die!!\”

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