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Seeing this, Qian\’s face flashed a trace of pride. The girl was beautiful when she first came, but she looked cowardly and bad recently, so she let it go and treated her very well. If you really let the Marquis hate her.

In such a strange scene, the Emperor Ming\’s body also flew away instantly. Without hesitation, he jumped into the yin-yang immortal hall. When his body passed by, the houses in the yin-yang immortal hall trembled, and a magnificent evil spirit roared first. Fang Yang and the three people moved around, and then fled. Boom! This black violent dark spirit burst to the ground and became a hero That is, a huge pit was created. The houses around the pit were smashed and in a mess. The body shape of the Ming emperor has also fallen into the yin-yang immortal hall. \”Open the Dharma array!!\” Fang Yang shouted loudly. The old Fujian people who had been repairing the Dharma array immediately agreed, and Qi Qi crossed his own mysterious Qi into it. They saw that the damaged core of the Dharma array emitted a faint light again, the Yin and Yang Qi flowed, and the large array above his head gradually shrouded down. While the Yin and Yang array had not been fully recovered, the martial artists who had already prepared rushed out one after another Come on. \”Kill these hell soldiers!\” Some people shouted angrily. Then countless figures bombarded more than 300 Yin soldiers, with colorful light and mysterious air. The Emperor Ming frowned and just wanted to be angry, but the Dharma array on his head slammed shut. The yin-yang array was formed again, but different from the previous defense of foreign enemies, the yin-yang array trapped the Emperor Ming between the Dharma arrays. The breeze swept the yin-yang array There was a burst of dust in the Yang Liuxian hall. The ruins here are already empty, leaving only four figures standing in it. Fang Yang and the three stood in a triangle, surrounded by the Emperor Ming in the middle. Fang Yang pointed to the sword blade in his hand and said in a deep voice, \”Emperor Ming, today is the day of your death!\” Chapter 657 frontal confrontation Fang Yang\’s voice is sonorous, powerful and resonant. At this moment, a surging sword idea also appears on him. The sword idea enters the body and stands like a sword in the sky!

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