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For a moment, Qian was also worried, which was a major event related to the future of Hou ye and his son.

With the blessing of thunder speed, Fang Yang felt the breath of Hou Xiangqing and others for half a day. His eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and his body turned and fell straight down. He felt that the place where Hou Xiangqing and others were located was a more remote city. When Fang Yang fell, his mysterious Qi was restrained and turned into a flat and light look, Enter the city. The city is not lush, but there are a lot of people, and the traffic is bustling. It is a good cover for a stranger like Fang Yang. He walks among the crowd, twists and turns, and soon comes to the place where Hou Xiangqing and others are located. A small manor, which has at least a hundred breath, is the strongest among them Three of them are above Tianyang, which should reach the level where dragons and tigers meet. One of them is Hou Xiangqing. The other two are a man and a woman. The man is burly and evil. From the clothes he wears, we can know that he is a man without heavenly alliance. The other woman is quite old, with silver hair and mysterious Qi. She belongs to water Yin zhiliu. These three people are the people sent by the three major forces to lead this action. Fang Yang didn\’t enter, and as soon as the spirit turned, they listened to what they said. \”I didn\’t expect them to act in advance. Fortunately, the people we had arranged for were staring at Tianyan city. As soon as they appeared, we got the news directly, and then we could finally catch up.\” the old woman said. She is one of the villa owners of Jianghe mountain villa, named Wupo. \”Hum, Jiang Tianyan, a shrinking turtle, wants to run away in advance. It\’s a fool\’s dream!\” Tieshan, the vice leader of Wutian alliance, said with disdain. Only Hou Xiangqing looked calm: \”anyway, we\’ve caught up with them, so we\’re not afraid of them slipping away. At this time, we\’re only about ten miles away from them, and it\’s only a while to catch up.\” \”why did they start in such a hurry? Did they notice anything?\” the fog woman frowned, \”Will there be any problems for them going to Tianyan city?\” \”what problems can there be? Anyway, our side is the most important. It is more important to obstruct the combination of Longyuan Dynasty and Binghai Dynasty.\” Iron mountain said. Mrs. Wu frowned. She has always disliked the behavior of wutianmeng. Wutianmeng is a kind of unscrupulous way to achieve its goal. It\’s really unpleasant that she doesn\’t treat the disciples of the league as people at all. But at this time, the task is ahead, and she can\’t say anything. \”What should we do? There are 3000 people led by Jiang Tianyan, not only the guard army in Tianyan City, but also the people of the Longyuan Dynasty. At least there is a gold armor general.\” Wu Po asked, \”we don\’t have any advantage in the front fight. The strength of Jiang Tianyan and gold armor generals is here. We really don\’t have enough combat power to rob people.\” \”Rob? Why rob?\” the silent Hou Xiangqing suddenly opened his mouth.

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