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No, Shen Xian shook his head, these ladies came forward at that time, but they didn\’t let your majesty treat you differently. Moreover, your majesty scolded Chenghe county leader.

\”No, not humans? What are they?\” \”puppets, or bodies, are more accurate.\” Fang Yang said. \”Although they have the appearance and breath of living people, they are actually just an empty shell.\” \”how can this be?\” \”what we saw just now are empty shells, shit, it\’s terrible.\” listen to Fang Yang\’s words, In connection with the cold look of those black cloaks staring at their eyes, they felt a chill on their backs for a moment. Did they just keep talking to the shell? \”But someone was talking before,\” said the fire fan. \”That should be a living person hidden in the body.\” Fang Yang said, \”so this black soul tribe is very strange. More than a hundred empty shell dolls and the strange dark shadow all show what is hidden here. In addition, you said that it is impossible for the black soul tribe to be in a corner of the Millennium without fishiness.\” \”Well, what should we do? Should we go back and tell the leader and ask him to bring more people?\” Huofei\’s expression is a little white. When facing human beings, he is not afraid of anything. Even if the strength of the other party is strong and the number of people is large, it is nothing. But he can\’t stop shivering when he thinks that he is facing some unknown ghost. Not only him, but even the reckless fire fan and the fierce wind dance, he is inevitably afraid. People are in the face When facing the fear of the unknown, it is almost the same. As for the originally timid wind, it has turned white and trembled. Fang Yang looked at the performance of several people, but also lost his smile and said, \”don\’t be afraid. Even if it is strange, there must be traces of people. Since the front can\’t break in, let\’s check it secretly.\” \”secretly?\” Several people were stunned. Chapter 760 black soul inheritance. The sky is getting dark, and the whole black mountain area is in a dark and hazy state. The black soul tribe is located in the black mountain. For many years, there are black clouds and no sun. With the advent of night, the whole tribe is trapped in deep darkness. The black here is the kind of black that can\’t see five fingers, even the stars and the moon The dim light could not shine. At night, the whole black soul tribe lost all its vitality and completely dormant. At this time, a figure merged into the darkness and quietly entered the valley. This person is Fang Yang.

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