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When he returned to Shen\’s house, he saw that the people had been waiting anxiously.

What Fang Yang lacks now is an opportunity. At this time, he wants to find this opportunity with the help of Lei Qilin\’s essence, and then succeed in becoming an immortal at one stroke! Whether it is Longyuan or Sima Xiangshan, it is the existence of the half immortal realm, especially the Longyuan, which has not been seen again for such a long time. At this time, his strength must be better able to rise and cut off However, it\’s different. Only when Fang Yang keeps his strength at the same level can he have some capital to fight. Otherwise, even if he sees Sima Xiangshan now, he can only run away, let alone fight with the other party. The key to this step is unparalleled. If he doesn\’t reach half an immortal, he will never give up! When his mind turned, Fang Yang took a deep breath, and Yin and Yang flowed in his body The mysterious Qi is even more violent and crazily entangled in Lei Qilin\’s essence. With the help of the swallowing effect of the essence, he is now climbing step by step with the power of the essence. At the same time, simaxiang mountain looks cold and indifferent on a high mountain. On the ground, his eyes are shining brightly and sweep around. Behind him, Liao Xingwen looks frightened, He looked at Sima Xiangshan with fear. It had been three days since the two of them left the endless sea. After falling to the top of the mountain, Liao Xingwen was thrown aside by Sima Xiangshan. He pitied that he had no dragon power at this time. At most, he was coarser and thicker than ordinary people. He trembled and was in a mess under the cold wind on the top of the mountain. Sima Xiangshan didn\’t exist Regardless of his life or death, after he came to the top of the mountain, he closed his eyes for three days and completely recovered his loss to the peak. Then he stood up and glanced at him. Liao Xingwen looked at him for at least half an hour. His lips were blue and his face was very white, but he was ugly. He hesitated for a while, and Liao Xingwen trembled He said, \”Lord Sima, what are you doing?\” Sima Xiangshan heard the voice, and his long-sighted eyes came back and swept him lightly. He only saw Liao Xingwen\’s body trembling and felt like falling into a cold pool, which was colder than before. \”Hum, I\’m naturally looking for the whereabouts of those people!\” Sima Xiangshan said discontentedly. \”Did you find it?\” Liao Xingwen asked in a low voice. Sima Xiangshan suddenly stopped talking. His eyes narrowed, his mind moved, and his palm turned over. He saw a bright light floating in the palm of his hand, swirling and flowing out, and the majestic power burst out from it at the same time. Lei Qilin essence! In the competition with Fangyang, only about one-third of Lei Qilin essence was left, flashing bright and gorgeous It sucks.

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