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If Shen Ling were here, she would know that the hostess had begun her journey to contact empress dowager Yang, and then she would become a confidant of Empress Dowager Yang for one thing.

Qian Daqiao didn\’t expect her to say so. He didn\’t know what to say for a while. But he felt something wrong in his consciousness. He couldn\’t say anything if he wanted to open his mouth. Li Siyu, no matter what he thought or said, she still had to go to dinner. One or two couldn\’t get along with her day by day, didn\’t they? The people around him saw that the protagonist had left, and they didn\’t watch the excitement anymore, one by one Everyone whispered to have dinner. The more Qian Daqiao thought about it, the more something went wrong, but everyone left. It was no use kneeling in front of so many people just now. The more he thought about it, the more angry he was. He blamed Chen Cuihua. He always annoyed others. Now he\’s better. He lost his job! He didn\’t fight his angry meal and went straight home to find Chen Cuihua. \”Chen Cuihua!\” The voice of Qian bridge spread all the way. There were three upper and lower bunks in the room of 20 square meters. Chen Cuihua was lying on the bed. When she heard her man come back and call her, she got up happily. Chen Cuihua was scared to death when she received the notice that she was fired in the morning. According to their family conditions, the job can\’t be lost! So she thought of a bad move. Let Qian bridge give it to Li Si when there were many people Rain knelt down and begged. In this way, she could not stand the public opinion and agreed. Chapter 77 Chen Cuihua, a member of the Li family, got up with expectation and opened the door. Unexpectedly, as soon as the door was opened, he was beaten in the face by Qian bridge. \”You dead woman, let me lose face, let me lose face!\” Chen Cuihua was unprepared and held her head repeatedly by him, \”Oh, my God, you\’re killing! Qian Daqiao, you\’re crazy!\” Qian Daqiao saw that she dared to retort and resist. As soon as he got angry, he kicked Chen Cuihua severely. He kept cursing and scolding, \”you\’re the bad idea! Now I\’ve become a laugh in the mine. You\’ve lost your job and made me ashamed. I\’ll kill you!\” Chen Cuihua was kicked to the ground by him and had no chance to resist. From opening the door to now, she didn\’t even have a chance to respond, only to be beaten.

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