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She knows how she came from today, but she can\’t make this mistake again.

\”You go back first. I\’ll take care of him here.\” Li Siyu thought for a moment and agreed. \”When he wakes up, you\’ll send a message to the municipal government.\” \”municipal government?\” Wang Tiesheng looked at her in surprise. When was the boss so powerful? I went to work in the city. Li Siyu nodded and looked at his watch. It was getting late. \”I\’ll go first. I\’m still in the learning stage. I can\’t leave a bad impression. You look after Lincheng, and I\’ll come after work.\” it\’s too late if I don\’t go again. Li Siyu doesn\’t want to go, but she has done so much to stay in Baicheng. Of course, Wang Tiesheng will take good care of him. \”Don\’t worry.\” Li Siyu ran outside. When he got on the bus to the municipal administration, he went back to the dormitory, changed his clothes, washed his face, cleaned himself up, and hurried to work. When he got to the office, everyone arrived. Li Siyu looked at his watch and was relieved that he was not late. \”Xiao Li, look at this document and write a manuscript about it.\” Secretary Qiu called her name directly when she saw her coming. Li Siyu walked over and took over the task. \”Good secretary Qiu.\” Secretary Qiu smiled and nodded, \”if you don\’t understand, you can come and ask me.\” Li Siyu got the task and began to prepare for the work. Whatever task and manuscript he wrote, he was finished. Secretary Wen sees that Secretary Qiu has given Li Siyu another job. Don\’t be angry. A little student, just give her a few books to read. How can she always arrange work for her? She also came in the exam at the beginning. She has a mediocre education. Only by working hard can she get a job. So Secretary Wen hated Li Siyu. He was assigned to work without anything. If she guessed correctly, Secretary Qiu asked Li Siyu to stay yesterday. She must have arranged a job and will work in the municipal government in the future. No matter what the job is, Secretary Wen is jealous. Why does the bottom come in, she has a job as soon as she comes, and she has to take an exam to beat others? Li Siyu didn\’t notice the mood of secretary Wen. He took the documents back to his desk and looked serious. This document describes the hard work of some grass-roots workers. Leaders are concerned about the health of workers and the progress of work. Li Siyu read it again and had a number in his heart. He was good at writing these.

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