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Shen Ling gave him a frightened look. What\’s the matter. She thought her eyes were filled with surprise and doubt.

Seeing that he took it seriously, Lin Cheng nodded, \”I\’m at ease when you handle affairs.\” that night, Lin Cheng left directly after explaining, and didn\’t go to the municipal administration the next morning. Feng Suyuan stood not far from the municipal administration and did not block the forest city, but blocked Li Siyu. \”Good dogs don\’t stand in the way.\” Li Siyu glanced at her faintly. Feng Suyuan suddenly became angry. \”Who do you say is a dog?\” \”Whoever promises is.\” \”you!\” Feng Suyuan angrily went up and tried to push her, but Li Siyu hid. Then Feng Suyuan was almost planted on the ground by her own ruthlessness. She took two steps forward and barely stood firm. \”What are you hiding from?\” her tone was not good, and she almost stumbled! Li Siyu smiled angrily by her attitude, \”what\’s the matter? If you push me, I have to stand there and let you push?\” Feng Suyuan just wanted to retort, someone came next to Li Siyu. Peng lingman glanced at her unkindly and then asked, \”who are you? You\’re sneaking around the municipal administration and blocking the municipal officials. Are you an enemy spy?\” she looked at Li Siyu and said, \”go and call the gatekeeper and say there are enemy agents here.\” Feng Suyuan was stunned by what she said, \”Hey, I\’m not an enemy spy. How can you talk!\” Li Siyu smiled, Then, if anything happened, Feng Suyuan said, \”maybe it\’s an enemy spy. I\’ll find someone. You have to stop her. You can\’t let her run away.\” Feng Suyuan saw that she really ran to the municipal government. She was called to go, which scared her to run away. What\’s all this? How did she become an enemy spy? Peng lingman saw that someone had gone and didn\’t go after her. He came to scare her. \”OK, can you still do this?\” Li Siyu smiled at her and praised her with a thumbs up. Peng lingman glanced, \”this man has to clean up well, or he will always come forward.\”

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