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However, since it had been a night, she broke the jar anyway, so she became more and more firm in her mind. In a short time, it was a little scary for her to see Cheng Yuan emperor again. Now she still can\’t feel his idea. So let her hide first.

Lin Cheng\’s tone is full of joy and grievances. God knows how much he misses Li Siyu and thinks of her every moment of the day. If she doesn\’t come back, Lin Cheng will go directly to the north to find her. Chapter 269 smiles very well. Chapter 269 of the main body of the rebirth with the warehouse smiles very well. \”How do you know I\’m home?\” Li Siyu felt Lin Cheng\’s breath and couldn\’t help blushing. Lin Cheng reluctantly let go of her and said, \”you should have gone home yesterday, but I didn\’t see you back. I saw that the lock outside was gone when I passed by this morning, so I knew you were back.\” He had a smile on his face, which was more attractive than usual. Li Siyu knew that she liked Lin Cheng\’s smile since when. In the past, Lin Cheng\’s cold appearance was only his protective color, but now Lin Cheng, who smiles like a warm sun, is the real him. \”It\’s nice to see you smile. Smile more in the future.\” Li Siyu pinched his face with meat. Well, she was very satisfied with having a good meal. Before, Lin Cheng\’s thin body didn\’t match his height. During this time, he obviously grew some meat. \”Well.\” Lin Cheng smiled and nodded, and then said, \”have you eaten? I\’ll make it for you.\” he can only cook porridge, but it\’s OK to eat porridge in the morning \”No, I\’ve already prepared breakfast. Come in and have a bite.\” Li Siyu took out some bread and milk powder from the space, boiled boiling water, made him a cup and drank it for himself. \”This bread is very delicious.\” Lin Cheng ate bread with milk flavor and thought it was very good for his taste. \”Beidu brought it back and I\’ll bring you some later.\” Li Siyu smiled and watched him eat. In fact, there are many dishes in the space, including steamed stuffed buns, porridge and cakes. Unfortunately, she didn\’t put food here, and she had a cold pot and cold stove. She couldn\’t say what she had just made for breakfast. After eating, Lin Cheng went to work with her bag. Before leaving, she said, \”I\’ll come and see you at noon, stay here and have a good rest.\” Li Siyu nodded. He really didn\’t sleep well. He just went to sleep again. When Lin Cheng left, Li Siyu cleaned up the house. No one lived for a long time. There must be a lot of dust.

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