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Yifeng and the others immediately reacted, seeing that Ming Yu Yan was really going to kill her, she immediately jumped up in the air and blocked the front.

Two…As long as you get seven, you will be able to enter the top fifty. The crowd was both excited and nervous.At the moment where the demon god clan was, the eyes of the demon god clan master glowed with strange light.Brother Demon, the strength of this Spirit Profound Sword is a bit higher than Yao Wuyan, can Wuyan deal with him? Jin Youqian frowned.You can see it by just looking at it. Ling Zhantian is probably waiting for this kid to attack the first fifty to save the clan. I will let him know what it means to face despair when hope is coming… Smiled coldly.Chapter 0820The two battles were fierce and beyond imagination, and the use of various methods allowed the descendants of the Protoss to appreciate the cruelty of multi-player fierce battle. This is incomparable to the confrontation between the two, especially when the two are fighting and losing. At that time, the third fisherman benefits.There are also people who work together or act alone, and there are people who try to risk themselves as bait, no matter what they are, they are competing for the opponent’s god crystal, and entering the location of the opponent’s treasure, winning the top twenty-four ranking. .In addition, there is a gap in the strength of the descendants of the gods. The strong can even kill the weak with one move. About half an hour has passed. The number of people eliminated has reached 26. Twenty people are left.At this moment, the people in the spirit and god line had already clenched their fists in excitement, and even the second elder and others were so nervous that they breathed a little bit.Five…There are two more, the last two, eldest brother will be able to firmly enter the top 50.Ling Xuanhao and the others flushed, and preserving the clan\’s land was their first purpose and the most important thing for them to participate in the Hundred Clan Conference.Ling Zhantian felt very gratified by the movement of the Spirit Profound Sword back and forth in the central area, because only if he was not impatient, he could go further, and the performance of the Spirit Profound Sword made him very satisfied. Now the rest is just luck.At this time!A figure suddenly appeared and stood in front of Lingxuan Sword.Lingxuan sword! The person who appeared grinned.It\’s you……The pupils of the Lingxuan Sword shrank slightly, because it was not someone else who appeared, but it was Yao Wuyan, the sixth son of the Demon God Clan.I said, you will regret meeting me. Yao Wuyan smiled.


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