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After regaining his power, Shanghai\’s expression remained the same without any change.

Big brother… Haoer, he… actually defeated the three demon… The second elder\’s voice kept trembling, his hands were tightly pinched, and his whole body was shaking constantly. It felt like holding back. After many days of anger, it seemed to be released all at once, and it was so refreshing.One enemy three…Is that just the back fist of the sacred ape of the transforming realm…Yes!Ling Zhantian nodded slightly, and the colossal body shook uncontrollably. Apart from shock, his expression was full of excitement and excitement.Three magical skills…Ling Xuanhao and the others took a breath of air, even if it was the Lingxuan sword that has always been insulted, their eyes were filled with unconcealed astonishment and shock at this moment.How much do the eighth brother hide…It should be the end… Ling Xuanbiao swallowed jerky, his eyes were full of slumps, if there were more surprises, he didn\’t know if his heart could bear it, it was really…too exciting NS……It\’s the end? Not necessarily… Ling Xuanjian interjected a rare sentence, and then shook his head with a helpless smile.Ling Xuanhao and others subconsciously nodded in agreement.Because during this period of time, Shanghai has shocked them too much. Every time I always feel that Shanghai has already played its trump card, but he always brings unexpected surprises to everyone, just like this one hundred races conference. In the first round, no one had expected Shanghai to pass.In the end, he passed, without saying anything about Lilan, and forcing the Golden Gods to kneel down, which made the Lingshen breath a sigh of relief.In the second round, even Ling Xuanhao lost, but Shanghai reached the third round.After the third round, the Lingxuan Sword was only a little short of keeping the spot. In the end, it fell into the tricks of the monsters and gods and was almost abolished. Originally, no one had counted on Shanghai, but after entering the ancient battlefield, Defeated opponents who were stronger than him.Now facing the besieging of the three monsters, Shanghai defeated the three with one enemy and three, but also with the third magical ability to transform the realm.Now, what everyone cares about is not about preserving the clan’s land, but how far Shanghai can go, because the crystals of the three monsters are enough to keep their position in the top 50, and they want Shanghai to stop there. , But they worry that it will hinder Shanghai from going further.Shanghai walked in front of the three monsters, without looking at the three of them, and slashed down.Shanghai, dare you…The demon god clan master changed his expression suddenly, and shouted. However, Shanghai, located in the ancient battlefield, could not hear him, even if he heard it, it would not pay attention to it.


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