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Isn\’t she with Feiyu Sheng and Ming Yuyan? How could she fall here injured?

Shanghai nodded and cast his eyes on the square.chant……The barrier that was as wide as a hundred miles wide opened, and the top was covered with various god patterns. The defensive power contained in this barrier was sufficient to withstand the bombardment of the holy lord, and coupled with the power of the god pattern, the barrier was already strong enough.Hum!The horn sounded.Suddenly, two white lights appeared in the two corners of the square, and then two descendants of the Protoss were passed into the competition area.It\’s him… Shanghai recognized the man on the left. It was Yan Po Tian, ​​the god son who had exchanged places before.As for the right side, there is a woman with purple hair with a length of three feet long. She has a beautiful appearance, but her expression is a little bit cold. According to the information obtained before, Shanghai knows that this woman is a descendant of the purple god. , Named Ziyuan.No extra nonsense, Ziyuan took the lead. The three feet of purple hair danced wildly behind her, protecting her in the center. Each purple hair was beating like crazy electricity, and even the descendants of the god race on the periphery felt the power released. Palpitations.The purple hair turned into thousands, pierced out all together.Facing this ubiquitous purple hair, Yan Potian spread his hands slightly, and two flames burst out. The blue flame on the left hand and the red flame on the right hand. The palms merged suddenly, and the two flames collided together and burst out. The incomparable flame mad knife.cut!In the competition area, the flames and purple hair of the blazing knives were immediately enveloped, and bursts of loud bangs continued to be heard from it, and two lights and shadows interlaced from time to time, and the divine might aroused by the collision of divine skills , Shaking the enchantment slightly.Yan Potian\’s strength is extremely strong, as everyone expected, and Ziyuan\’s strength is so strong, it is somewhat surprising, but she was in the top 30 in the last session, and now she has such strength, and it is reasonable. Among them, Ziyuan\’s strength is indeed good in the use of various magical skills, but she is slightly worse than she is above the magical power.Suddenly!A peculiar god pattern emerged on Yan Potian\’s body, and with the emergence of this god pattern, the power of the shot has soared more than three times.Faced with this sudden shock of divine power, Zi Yuan\’s purple hair was burnt a small part of it, and Qiao Yan also changed its color.Forty-five percent of the bloodline of the ancestors\’ gods…this Yan Potian is about to reach a half-blood body…It looks like Ziyuan is about to lose.Everyone talked about it.


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