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When Emperor Cheng Yuan heard the speech, he raised his eyes. Sure enough, he saw a servant girl in a corner not far from him. Her face was flustered and she was about to escape.

Chapter 617 talking about business before the end of the year, Li Siyu paid close attention to the production of the food factory and directly…

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Cheng He, you should have a good relationship with Shen Ling. Maybe he will become the head of the harem. The king of Chengjun is still talking. Although the daughter never listens to him, he knows her pride, but he still needs some advice from his father.

What\’s the matter? the captain threw the cigarette roll on the ground. You threw the bolt there? What if the wild boar ran out? he…

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Chenghe county leader just wanted to forget the scene at this time. However, the goose yellow woman on the side naturally refused to let her go. She was the daughter of the general and never dealt with Chenghe county leader.

The food in the city is very tight. It\’s impossible to share more food. You can only buy it on the black market or go…

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However, since it had been a night, she broke the jar anyway, so she became more and more firm in her mind. In a short time, it was a little scary for her to see Cheng Yuan emperor again. Now she still can\’t feel his idea. So let her hide first.

Lin Cheng\’s tone is full of joy and grievances. God knows how much he misses Li Siyu and thinks of her every moment of the…

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If Shen Ling were here, she would know that the hostess had begun her journey to contact empress dowager Yang, and then she would become a confidant of Empress Dowager Yang for one thing.

Qian Daqiao didn\’t expect her to say so. He didn\’t know what to say for a while. But he felt something wrong in his consciousness.…

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